October 8, 2019 | Updated: February 24, 2020

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Autumn home decór, preparing for the winter

Getting the home ready for winter includes bringing out the double-ply duvet, making sure the chimney is cleaned, ready for blazing fires, and preparing the garden for the colder months ahead. Similarly home décor can provide a canvas for autumnal decorating ideas. Given that we tend to be more home-focused when days are shorter and the nights draw in, cozzy and comfortable are the concepts that should aspire towards. Autumn home décor should include warmer lighting, seasonal decorative objects, soft furnishings and upholstery which presents the ideal media to transform our interiors whether it be the bedroom, the living room or even the kitchen.

Autumn decoration ideas for the living room   

Heavy drapes with a black-out lining are a practical and decorative addition to the living space during the autumn months, especially if there are large window openings. Drapes provide an extra layer of insulation and the fabrics can be highly decorative. Curtains and blinds are be easily removed after the summer months and replaced with heavier drapes. Match drapes with upholstered accessories like cushions, poufs, foot stools and throws. The colour palette of autumn is burnt orange, deep reds, golden browns, burnished coppers; shades that reflect the changing foliage of the trees. Scented candles also fulfil a dual function, firstly olfactory and secondly aesthetic, especially the large decorative style candles. 

The fruits of the Earth

Traditionally autumn is the time of harvest, when dried fruits, preserves and legumes are stored in the pantry for supplying the kitchen over the winter months. These very items can be used to decorate our living spaces with pumpkins, nuts and bowls of apples placed artfully around the home.

Autumn bedroom ideas

Cushions and soft furnishings should be colour coordinated and match bed linen and covers. Decorative accessories like dried twigs and flowers set the autumnal mood especially if displayed in a ceramic or glass vase.  

The kitchen in autumn

The colour scheme, lighting and decorative accessories of the kitchen can all be adapted to reflect the autumn season. Organic elements and plants are a way of compensating for the cold outside and the hibernation that nature enters over the months ahead. Autumn can also be the inspiration for an all-year-round decor where warm wood tones and natural materials are combined for worktops and cabinets.  For other ideas regarding how to add a touch of autumn to the kitchen follow this link.

The changing light of autumn

The autumn brings with it a special type of light. The hour changes and the angle of the sun dips towards the horizon, lighting is softer, as if the sun has been dimmed. Compensate with a more vivacious interior light in the living room and kitchen areas, combined with a softer lighting for bedrooms and reading corners. Leds are an economical and creative solution to ensuring that the light of autumn is balanced with artificial sources.

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