September 21, 2021


An asymmetrical, balanced home on the Asturian coast

Casa Madreselva (Salinas), built by architect David Olmos Tapia, features a continuous design with PORCELANOSA Group materials that creates a dialogue between the town's two urban themes.

Whilst its layout is typical of a 20th-century detached family home, Casa Madreselva represents a new take on the concept, with a geometric, continuous design achieved using natural collections by PORCELANOSA.

An architectural review of Asturias' mining heritage

Designed by architect David Olmos Tapia in Salinas (Asturias), this detached family home features an asymmetric L-shaped layout and thermal insulation system that promotes energy saving. It combines minimalist interior design with new architectural structures based on stacked volumes and sustainability.
The horizontal windows, integrated into the principal façade (in zinc), provide a link with the landscape, ushering natural light indoors, and the sober colour palette of the exterior (grey and black) contrasts with the neutral finishes of the rooms within (white and wood). "The building envelope turns the roof into an extension of the façade, with the zinc acting as a unifying element. This creates the effect of a block floating over the white canvas of the ground floor, with broad overhanging elements. We used zinc to allude to the traditional homes found in areas close to Arnao mine, which, influenced by the opening of the Royal Asturian Mining Company in 1851, would use this material to clad their homes" explains a David Olmos architecture studio representative.

Minimalist interiors in wood and Krion® Lux

The property was designed based on the habits and routines of its owners, with two distinct areas (day and night) interconnected by Newport concrete floor tiles by Porcelanosa (ground floor). This was why they opted for diaphanous, comfortable rooms with a decorative scheme incorporating built-in furnishings into the property itself. This is true of the kitchen/dining room, where the Resident 3.7 model by Gamadecor with a Krion® K-Life 1100 worktop serves as a work area and dining table combined. The mineral compact benefits from hygienic and bacteriostatic properties and almost zero porosity, making the space cleaner and safer, and in terms of aesthetics, the pure white creates a striking contrast with the metal stools and wooden chairs framing the structure.

Four bedrooms are located on the upper floor, all open to the exterior with a wraparound window with an overhang that breaks through the vertical plane of the L and serves as a sun visor.
The highlight of the night zone is the wooden hallway that connects the area with the rest of the property. The intricate quality of every plank is counterbalanced by Porcelanosa ceramic wall tiles and Krion ® Lux, used for the bathroom washbasins and countertops. "It results in a minimalist yet warm interior, where oak acts as a driving thread. Panels of natural wood define the flow from the entrance to the staircase, tying in with the integrated furnishings on the ground floor. This creates a duality of textures, where the interior becomes white when you reach the first bend of the stairs", explains the studio.

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