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Artisan interior design, the appeal of the hand made

The unique qualities of the hand made are capable of transforming an entire interior design project. Whether it be furniture, textiles, fixtures and fittings, decorative objects, floor or wall finishes the timeless appeal of artisan craft is as alive today as ever.  Although we live in an era of technology and mass manufactured goods the artisan interior is one of warmth and depth. Each and every one of the elements has a story to tell of skill and inspiration, a life time of dedication and knowledge of the material and how to work it. With craftsmanship the imperfections and the patina of age only seem to add to the appeal of artisan design. A marked aspect of the artisan craft is the increasingly popularity of ‘raw style decor’, untreated finishes and materials that combine perfectly with more pristine elements. For anyone interested in combining the artisan within a specific decorative scheme the mood board is a great way to experiment before committing to a final décor.


Artisan tiles

The incorporation of artisan floor tiles and artisan wall tiles in the bathroom or the kitchen can add a marked warmth to these spaces. Artisan tiles such as cement, ceramic, glass or terracotta options have a crafted quality that converts each surface into a work of art, singular and one-off. The artisan tiles can be framed in panels or used throughout the surface, cement floor tiles can in addition be combined with a border tile to lend the room a bespoke character.

The artisan kitchen

Every kitchen, no matter how humble, is unique to one degree or other, the distribution of the space, the position of the windows and doors etc. While the fitted kitchen has revolutionised kitchen design the artisan kitchen takes its design one step further. Normally custom made using craft techniques the artisan kitchen combines mass manufacture with the hand made. From cabinets to work tops the layout and the finishes respond to the individual tastes of the owner.

Products: Gamadecor Projects Collection Cabinetry
Products: Gamadecor Projects Collection Cabinetry

Artisan crafts in the bathroom

Similarly bathroom fittings and installations such as the wash hand basin and the bath tub can be crafted according to individual taste. Whether it be a ceramic bowl sitting on a side board used as a vanity unit or a bathtub sculpted from wood or formed from metal or concrete these elements can provide the focus around which the entire space revolves. The artisan bathroom provides the handmade touch to a room dedicated to wellbeing, expressed through fittings, furniture or decorative objects.

Creating a feature in the living room with artisan furniture

The inclusion of artisan living room furniture within the home décor can help bring a sense of nature and the organic into our living spaces. Artisan crafts are a pure expression of a raw material and the traditional methods of converting them into useful or decorative objects. Bespoke or handmade furniture that is designed for a specific space can become a feature in a room. A dining table or a sofa whose dimensions are created specifically for that space can establish the correct scale and material for the room.

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