May 18, 2022


Porcelanosa solutions for acoustic floor insulation

The Spanish multinational has many products that improve acoustic insulation and limit external noise.

Improving the soundproofing of a building is just as important as installing thermal insulation systems in ceilings, windows and doors to achieve greater energy efficiency.

This is one of the main challenges facing architects, engineers and town planners when they begin to rehabilitate a home, one of the measures being promoted by the EU to accelerate the ecological transition and reduce energy consumption and C02 emissions. These recommendations are part of the plan drawn up by Europe to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, promoting sustainable architecture through renewable energies, natural or recycled materials (Forest by PAR-KER®), ventilated façades (Butech) and panels that insulate the floor from ambient sounds. The following article shows some of PORCELANOSA's proposals to minimise impact sounds and increase the well-being of the building's occupants.

Keys to soundproofing a floor

To limit the external sounds that can be heard in a home or office, choose floating wood or parquet floors for more effective soundproofing.

L'Antic Colonial Elegant 1L laminate fulfils this function. Its density minimises environmental humidity, it requires minimum maintenance and also provides better insulation in the event of temperature changes, which significantly reduces energy consumption. In addition to these properties, installing this laminate on the floor reinforces the soundproofing of buildings, as its multi-layer composition prevents noise from spreading.

Soundproof interiors with vinyl and Fonopac r floors

Another way to reduce noise is vinyl flooring, where PORCELANOSA also has multiple options, such as Linkfloor Multiformat, inspired by natural oak wood. Resistant to adverse weather, impacts and stains, its composition acts as a barrier, preventing sound waves from entering.

To reinforce the acoustic insulation of floors, especially ceramic floors, Butech has designed a 3 mm thick multi-layer synthetic rubber sheet with a low level of compressibility. Fonopac r is especially suitable for the renovation of floors and its 60 cm x 100 cm x 3 mm format fits perfectly under tiles.

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