February 16, 2024


Lumina, a warm, original flat in Mexico

This warm flat integrates different textures and eclectic elements.

With panoramic views of the city of Chihuahua, this 350 m² residence is transformed into a home adapted to the needs of a young family. Tones applied in different elements such as finishes, mouldings, furniture and accessories.

At the entrance to the house, the original layout had a very large entrance hall with no specific use. The new proposal integrates a circular table, framed in a space perfectly delimited by the wooden floor. This area is characterised by the combination of visually opposing elements, in which the XTONE Orobico Dark Polished sintered stone stands out, applied as a wall cladding and as the surface of a side table.

In the case of the social area , the kitchen and dining room have been integrated into the same space. In this room, a composition of vibrant colours is used in the furniture and architectural elements. Olive green gives a modern and fresh air to the room, while the dining room presents a contrast of cold and warm tones, with a personal and sophisticated style.

The mix between the sobriety of the general flooring XLIGHT Liem Dark Nature (Porcelanosa) and the luminosity of the cladding XLIGHT Calacatta Gold (Porcelanosa) creates an elegant room with character. In addition, the wooden lattice in different colours gives originality and cohesion to the space.

Blurred division

The living room, differentiated from the dining room, proposes a subtle scheme and a serene interior design. In order to achieve this division of space, a leather-covered sliding door was designed for visual continuity. For the visual continuity of the home, Liem Dark Nature has been used as the cladding and surface for the TV area.

The wooden floor and the placement of white decorative elements create a Nordic style. The bathroom, clad with XLIGHT Liem Dark Nature, has an exquisite style.

The integrated washbasin covered with the Viola Rossé collection brings a touch of light into the room. The single-lever mixer tap Tono (Noken), with copper finish, perfectly complements the shade of the basin.

Architecture: Neutral Factor

Photography: Aldo C. Garcia

View at Porcelanosa Projects.

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