September 5, 2018 | Updated: December 16, 2019


Touch by L’Antic Colonial, geometrical ceramic which awakens the senses

This wall tile comes in a 7.5cmx30cm format and in four colours: green, blue, white and taupe.

The different combinations which are achievable with this material allow for the creation of mosaic structures which are horizontal and vertical in an aligned or overlapped shape.

Pieces which are smooth, flat, square or dotted which encourage touching through its geometrical lines and its everlasting brightness. This is what Touch is like, the ceramic collection for wall tiles by L’Antic Colonial.

Its four designs: Navy, Bottle, Pearl and Linen; come in a rectangular 7.5cmx30cm format with some weaving which goes back to the craftsmanship production concept which breaks away from the colour heterogeneity.

Colour intensity which highlights the textures

Touch is presented in four colours: navy blue, emerald green, white and taupe. Tones with which the space is conceived in a different way, above all, because of its glossy finish.

Another of its features are its irregular subtle edges, which in turn, highlight the compositive richness of this collection. The perfect imperfection.

The different combinations which can be achieved with this material allow for mosaic structures in horizontal and vertical with aligned and overlapped shapes in both positions to be set. Connect with what is disconnected, creative freedom.

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