February 4, 2014 | Updated: December 12, 2019


An air of nostalgia in the new ceramic proposals by Porcelanosa

The charm of prevailing designs and finishes of bygone centuries have inspired some of the new ceramic proposals by Porcelanosa, reinterpreting styles and aesthetics of the industrial period.

Although the nostalgic influences of trends and styles from other ages are evoking, the effects of time in noble materials are not less.

Porcelanosa has transferred the natural beauty of wood from old 19th century manor houses to the Par-Ker Ascot collection ceramic surface. This porcelain stoneware with an aged wood-appearance is designed to create moving sensations.

The collection simulates old pieces of restored and treated parquets, thanks to its high aesthetic value, and is presented on longitudinal formats of 22×90 cm and 14.3×90 cm.

The Ascot collection colour range was carefully chosen to boost the warmth of the wood in any setting. The intensity of the Roble and Teca finishes, the Olivo greenish ochre and the Acre and Grey dusty shades enhance the natural beauty that the passing of time has revealed on its appearance.

Antique: retrieving ceramic classics       

In this new exhibition, the Group’s ceramic coverings company have decided to retrieve the classical appearance of hydraulic mosaics: a very characteristic decorative tile which was typical of southern France in the 19th century. This is just another example of Porcelanosa’s commitment to technical and aesthetic innovation in the Antique collection.

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