June 12, 2020


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: ÂME, a high-end shopping experience with Porcelanosa

This Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) boutique has incorporated the multinational’s premium collections to firmly position its brand in the luxury sector, featuring interior design from studio Mondreem.

The Âme boutique in Ulaanbaatar’s Shangri-La Mall opts for premium collections by PORCELANOSA Group to position itself within the luxury fashion sector. This was the premise behind the design from studio Mondreem: an open commercial space based on warm tones, fine materials and velvety fabrics.

Luxury in every corner

The store’s interior design blends neutral tones such as white and beige with pale pink and red sofa upholstery. The colour palette is enhanced further by the Glem White collection by XTONE, which gives shape to the displays, furnishings and main façade. This sintered mineral surface reproduces the veins and natural shine of Carrara marble, but with all the technical properties of ceramic tiles.

Given its high resistance to temperatures, scratches and chemical impacts, the material is hard-wearing and adds light to every corner of the store, making it perfect for presenting the clothing collections impeccably.

The pure white so characteristic of Glem White is framed to perfection by the Old Beige design from the Newport collection by Venis. This textured wall tile has been used for the store’s decorative units, featuring lines in perfect harmony with the backlit shelves in each area, making every garment look even more exclusive.

Photography: MONDREEN SPAIN S.L. 

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