December 11, 2019


The AjoBlanco Restaurant: Spanish cuisine takes over in Mexico through PORCELANOSA Group

Mexico City is the place chosen by the chef Manuel Victoria to carry out his culinary creations, in which he combines traditional Spanish cuisine with Mixtec.

Aurelio Vázquez, manager of the DIN interior design studio, has opted for the Premium collections from this multinational company to bring those two worlds together through the most cutting-edge design.  

Near Molino del Rey, one of the most important historical buildings in Mexico which was once the residence of the president for some 80 years, we find the Ajoblanco restaurant.

Restaurante Ajo Blanco Porcelanosa 1

Its menu, which combines traditional Spanish recipes with Mixtec spices and doughs, is a sample of that shared heritage and historical dialogue that both Spain and Mexico have maintained over the centuries.

This is Manuel Victoria’s signature seal, the resident chef of this restaurant who has achieved in bringing the gastronomic identity together in the same dish.

Restaurante Ajo Blanco Porcelanosa 8

In that universal language which stands for cuisine, which enhances the culture shared by both countries, the interior design in this restaurant takes on the status of subject or main condiment. Aurelio Vázquez, manager of DIN interiorismo, has wanted it to be so. He has banked on Mediterranean designs and colours (blue and white leading the way) with the collections from PORCELANOSA Group as the main theme.

The Mediterranean Sea and the Sierra de Guadalupe in the same dish

That bilateral relationship and Hispanic-American fraternity that both countries have enhanced in recent years is portrayed in each of the rooms in the restaurant. The intense blue that covers the walls and chairs in the main dining room harmoniously blends in with the light brown of the wall tiles and floor tiles that have been used, finding their inspiration in that mountainous landscape that surrounds the city. The Mediterranean Sea and the Sierra de Guadalupe go hand in hand in the same space through PORCELANOSA Group products.

Restaurante Ajo Blanco Porcelanosa 2

This is the case of the Noa Tanzania Wine collection from Starwood, the ceramic wood from PORCELANOSA Group, whose relief provides that feeling of movement in the covering of the facade, in the bucket elevator and on the wall that can be found in the restaurant reception area. One of the other models with this material can be found on the second floor, where the Eden Minnesota Moka series gives shape to the flooring in this area.

The StarwoodTM pieces enhance that rustic but avant-garde design done by the Manhattan Cognac from Par-Ker, the ceramic parquet from Porcelanosa company which has been used as the main flooring for the ground floor and the first floor. It is also there where we can find the restaurant bar.

Restaurante Ajo Blanco Porcelanosa 3

Because of its hygienic and bacteriostatic features, its zero porosity prevents bacterial growth. Its durability, and its resistance to: high temperatures, fire, scratches and knocks; these are other leading features. As well as that, it is a material which is suitable for food use. The KrionTM mineral compact is that which shapes the bars and the AjoBlanco countertops.

Restaurante Ajo Blanco Porcelanosa 7

Colourful bathrooms with White & Colors

The White & Colors wall tiles from  Porcelanosa heighten the design and brighten up the colour richness of the bathrooms. With pink and blue as the leading colours, the pieces of Sevilla Rose and Sevilla Aqua provide the bathrooms with a kind of pop touch that reduces the sobriety of the Round taps in a black finish from Noken. This set is combined with the Ice Tanzania Wine ceramic wood from Starwood, the room principal floor tile.

Reading the history of Mexico through colours.

Restaurante Ajo Blanco Porcelanosa 10


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