August 15, 2022 | Updated: February 14, 2023


Define the style of your kitchen with porcelain countertops.

The properties of large-format porcelain tiles make them an ideal material for use in kitchens.

When choosing a porcelain countertop, the strength and durability of the product are priorities. This material gives a solidity to this type of composition, whose design has been redefined thanks to the XTONE and Gamadecor models.

Advantages of porcelain countertops

Porcelain tiles have been one of the more fashionable materials for use in kitchen surfaces in recent years. This is largely due to the product’s many advantages and properties, including:

  • Hygienic and antibacterial qualities: ideal for direct contact with food. They do not release volatile organic compounds. They prevent the proliferation of fungi and bacteria
  • Waterproof: They prevent the absorption of liquids and gases and the build-up of odours.
  • Resistance to fire and high and low temperatures. The material is fireproof, non-combustible and withstands the most extreme temperature conditions, without altering its aesthetics or performance.
  • Impact and scratch-resistant: shocks and the use of cutting tools on the surface do not damage its appearance.
  • Chemical and stain resistant: resistant despite the use of domestic chemicals. Porcelain is also highly resistant to all types of stains.
  • 100% natural and recyclable: the reusable components of its structure facilitate its complete regeneration after the life cycle.
  • Unalterable by UV rays: the sintered compacting finish resists ultraviolet rays, preventing possible wear and tear from strong light.

Porcelain designs

A wide variety of porcelain tile models makes it possible to transfer the aesthetics and elegance of this material to the kitchen worktop. These include the classic white marble (Glem White Polished by XTONE), which blends in perfectly with the most impressive and sophisticated kitchens.
Choosing a simple and timeless design means opting for a range of neutral tones, such as that of the R3.70 Taupe Matt Kitchen r1.70 Eucalyptus Blond XTONE Liem Grey Nature, by Gamadecor.

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