February 13, 2023


# ADateWithDesign: Inma Soria of Coohuco Studio decorates the Porcelanosa Valencia store

Natural materials, elegant homes and a Bohemian style were the inspiration for this décor

2023 is off to a busy start in terms of design and interior design. Coohuco Studio, Triggo, El Taller de Clo and Hinédito give us a few tips about the latest trends used by Inma Soria to decorate two rooms of the PORCELANOSA Valencia store.

Here are some of the trends proposed by interior designer Inma Soria:

- Balance of colours in the room: go for oranges, maroons, tobacco and mixed tones that counterbalance the blue and green tones of the rest of the décor.
- Curves are coming in hot: wavy and curvy lines are perfect in spaces where the base is linear and ordered, for example in cabinets or armchairs.
- Mixture of porcelain materials: use a combination of wood and natural stone. A cutting-edge design for modern homes and contract projects.
- Integrated and open kitchens: socialising in this room is more and more popular. Connecting the kitchen with the living-dining room makes homes more spacious and encourages family gatherings in this space.
- Open up the bathroom: connect the bedroom with the most intimate area of the house with a freestanding bathtub in the bedroom.
- Natural spaces: introduce natural plants and preserved plants, adding a touch of green to different spaces.

Essential elements.

Inma Soria focused her professional career on interior design, helping clients in choosing materials. For her, there are certain pieces that are essential when it comes to decorating a room and a home.

Designing bedrooms requires few elements. Candles and cushions create a cosy atmosphere in the rest and relaxation area of the home, so Inma recommends we use these accessories.

Another aspect she works with is painting on large-format canvases, which she uses to adorn the house and envelop the rooms. For large spaces, she recommends being bold with colours and patterns. And in smaller rooms, using neutral tones and whites is a good idea.

As a professional in the world of technical architecture and interior design, she has always opted for natural elements, plants and flowers in large spaces that run vertically through the environment.

Floral décor: El Taller de Clo

Decoration: Triggo and Hinédito

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