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Casa Abeto: the perfect balance between origin and modernity

The refurbishment of this country house, located in Mexico City, manages to blend the original structure with contemporary details

Casa Abeto is set in an idyllic environment, with a green and rural landscape. The transformation of this second home, undertaken by architect Mariangel Coghlan, boasts a spacious house with abundant natural light and a strong emphasis on nature.

The kitchen at Casa Abeto possesses a classic style—reflected in the furniture—which contrasts with some of the decorative features. The transparent spherical lamps fitted over the island and the XTONE Glem White marble-effect sintered stone model, in a white tone with fine dark veins, applied like the worktop and backsplash, strengthen the luminosity and lend the setting a touch of freshness.

The most striking and visible feature of the conservation of Casa Abeto’s structure is the beams. This quirky roof detail determines the rustic style of the different spaces of this country house. The wood-effect Par-ker® Manhanttan Cognac ceramic by Porcelanosa has been chosen as the general flooring of the house: kitchen, living room, bathroom, terrace, dining room and bedrooms. The design has sought a visual continuity for the indoor and outdoor areas.

Harmonious interior design

The bathroom presents itself as the room with the most personality in the Mexican project. The blend of wood-effect ceramics and marble on the floor (XLIGHT Calacatta Gold Nature, by Porcelanosa) splits the space. The main feature of the bathroom is the monumental bathtub (Slim, by Krion®) which lends the area its character and vibrancy. Accessories like the lamp, the chair or the polycarbonate bathtub shelf bring an avant-garde style to a space laden with design and meaning.

As for the interior design of Casa Abeto, the contrast between the cold and warm tones is noteworthy. Thus, the architect specialising in residential and refurbishments, manages to create a harmonious and aesthetic ensemble.

Mariangel Coghlan is a strong advocate of forging beautiful, human, thought-provoking spaces. This is why the numerous cushions in the various rooms of this house provide extra warmth and comfort. The surrounding landscape becomes an additional decorative feature, which seems to creep into the interior rooms. The large picture windows in each of the rooms let the residents enjoy the natural surroundings.

Coghlan, an architect who uses a humanistic and vital language, conveys her core values in each of her projects. “I try to give it a human style. I am very interested in anthropological design, which is geared towards the human being. The most enriching part is the person,” says the Mexican architect.

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