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A Train journey with Krion® at Deutsche Bahn stations in Germany

Deutsche Bahn AG is one of the oldest railway companies in Germany. It was founded on January 1, 1994, and since then it has carried millions of memories on its trains. Regional trains and high-speed trains with which to enjoy the most beautiful landscapes and places in the country.

With 25 years of experience, Deutsche Bahn has acquired experience without forgetting about the need for renewal and continuous innovation when offering an increasingly complete service. Combining both factors, in March 2015, the company launched a competition to develop a new space concept for the station lounge. The aim was to adapt to the customer’s wishes and needs through a functional and attractive design.

The winner of the contest was the architectural studio, CRi Cronauer and Romani Innenarchitekten GmbH, with a ground-breaking design in which the Krion® Solid Surface compact mineral by PORCELANOSA Grupo was the main attraction. A material whose malleability allowed for curved and seamless designs to be created in all kinds of formats and structures. With this property, the studio was able to portray something unique on the furniture, a tribute to the history of the railway network in its most current aspect.

The CRI architecture studio took advantage of the Krion® Solid Surface shapes to create a dynamic and contemporary spirit in the lounge area. The bar countertop emulates a high-speed train, and the S-shaped lines of the roof are reminiscent of the catenary and the aerial shape of the tracks.

The lounge furniture, made with the Krion® compact mineral comes in two colours: Frost White as the main attraction; and Red Fire on a specific level to create a contrast and give more attractive touches to the space. An unprecedented project with the traveller being the centre of attention.

CustomerDB Fernverkehr AG

Studio: CRi Cronauer + Romani Innenarchitekten GmbH

FabricatorsPfeiffer GmbH & Co. KGVoit & Partner GmbH & Co.KGZöller Möbelwerkstätte

PhotographyJens Pfisterer

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