May 25, 2015 | Updated: December 16, 2019


A new feel for Tower bathroom furniture from L’Antic Colonial

L’Antic Colonial updates its Zen bathroom collection, with a restyling and new finishes. This design makes the Tower furniture a practical product that adapts to the needs and tastes of modern users without giving up elegance in the bathroom.

The new design of the Tower bathroom furniture offers a single container space, thus increasing the capacity of the drawer. Furthermore, this suspended unit has a more ergonomic and functional opening system, through an integrated handle on the front of the door, instead of the push pull system. The result is a more intuitive and functional opening method which facilitates the storage of all types of utensils and objects for daily life.

In terms of finishes, the PORCELANOSA Group firm offers two new tones of natural oak – Roble Cloudy and Roble Sunset – in addition to the walnut finishes already available, Nogal Warm and Nogal Intense. These two new options increase the possibilities for decorative combinations in the bathroom.

One of the most notable new products of the Tower furniture is the option of combining the natural wood finishes with marble and travertine front panels. To do so, the same material used for washbasins or natural stone flooring by L’Antic Colonial can be used for this piece. Thus, the Blanco Athenas, Crema Italia and Habana Dark marbles and Crema Beige travertine can be chosen to personalise the front panel of the unit and achieve an exclusive result.

The modular character of the Tower suspended drawer unit combines with the rest of the accessories from L’Antic Colonial, allowing the creation of exquisite compositions. We can find an example of this in the Zen Collection, where the same stone can be used for the washbasin and for the front panel of the unit.

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