May 24, 2018 | Updated: December 16, 2019


7.30 Roble negro by Gamadecor, the latest trend in cookery

The cooking hobs are built into the worktop, which has been manufactured with the  XLIGHT Liem Grey Silk by Urbatek

Its hidden-door system makes it possible to integrate the kitchen either in the living room or the dining room, as well as using this space for everyday tasks.

Because of new society’s necessities and demands alike, the kitchen concept has significantly evolved. During this time of gastronomic change and innovation, the PORCELANOSA Grupo has created the Premium 7.30 Roble negro kitchen, which is done by Gamadecor. Its design is based on exclusive materials and finishes without compromising either the practicality or the functionality which high cuisine demands.

It is worth highlighting the cooking hobs since they are integrated into a XLIGHT  Liem Grey silk worktop by Urbatek, which creates a fresh dynamic space unlike any conventional kitchen.

The worktop has been provided with a VES system, in other words, a storage solution which gives the kitchen extra space. Accessible, comfortable and quick. Some of the features which characterise the Emotions 7.30 Roble Negro kitchen because of its excellence and exclusivity in design, mainly because of the Roble Negro finish in rustified wood which enhances the quality of the wood.

Kitchens integrated into space

Its hidden-door system makes it possible to integrate the kitchen, either in the living room or in the dining room, since the user can change the kitchen aesthetics and functionality alike, depending on their everyday routine. Thus, this space may also be used as a working or meeting area.

Cookery and aesthetic exquisiteness to savour as a starter. Gourmet honour.

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