10 March 2021 | Updated: 31 March 2021


5 elegant and modern bathrooms for design lovers

Victorian style baths with natural marble inspired ceramic tiles, white lacquered modular furniture and geometric washbasins with backlit mirrors are just some interior design ideas Porcelanosa puts forward in this decoration guide.

Spaciousness, brightness, balance, sustainability and a natural feel. These are some of the principles interior designers bear in mind when they want to bring comfort and the cutting-edge together in every inch of a bathroom.

Next we'll look at five different bathrooms designed using PORCELANOSA Group collections, featuring ceramic wall and floor tiles that take inspiration from natural marble, geometric bathtubs, modular furniture and minimalist taps in metallic finishes.

Par-Ker® Oxford Natural 29.4 cm x 120 cm + 19.3 cm x 120 cm
Parque Lampione 1L Ash Antic Colonial
Par-Ker® Tanzania Almond 25 cm x 150 cm Porcelanosa
Par-Ker® Tanzania Almond 25 cm x 150 cm
Par-Ker® Vancouver Brown 25 cm x 150 cm Porcelanosa-1
Par-Ker® Vancouver Brown 25 cm x 150 cm
Parque Lampione 1L Natural Antic Colonial Porcelanosa
Parque Lampione 1L Natural Antic Colonial
Par-Ker® Vancouver Brown 25 cm x 150 cm Porcelanosa-2
Par-Ker® Vancouver Brown 25 cm x 150 cm

Wood, an enduring trend

It's becoming increasingly common to incorporate natural wood into bathrooms. The material adds warmth, versatility and elegance to a space, and this - combined with its timeless character - makes natural parquet such as Lampione 1L Ash by L'Antic Colonial the perfect choice for any type of interior design.

The wood derives from forests that promote sustainable logging, and is highly resistant to moisture. It can be used to create beautiful interiors married perfectly with minimalist décor including oval baths, bulb lighting, white taps (Lounge), natural stone washbasins and geometric furniture.

In this same aesthetic line, we also have the ceramic Par-Ker® parquet by Porcelanosa, with a surface that echoes the textures and sheen of oak or walnut wood.

Minimalist classicism

L'AC takes a fresh look at the minimalist concept from a perspective of classic design and premium materials. This can be seen in Minim Wood bathroom furniture, designed by architect Ramón Esteve in collaboration with the firm.


This monolithic piece is characterised by its simple lines and harmonious structure, and its design can be customised with stone and natural wood finishes. A mirror with good built-in LED lighting can really make an impact on the overall design of your bathroom.


Stone sinks and circular mirrors

The total black bathroom trend is becoming increasingly popular in interior design, and this sober colour palette will elevate the exclusivity of natural stone washbasins or veined wall tiles.

XTONE® collections achieve exactly this, mimicking black Marquina or Carrara marble and resulting in truly unique spaces. This type of piece can be accompanied with the Stuc Black coating in the Stuc Black Deco and Stuc Black Rock finishes.

1. Blind Roble Alba unit Gamadecor

2. UP Blanco Snow Mate 160 cm unit Gamadecor

Gain light and harmony with white

If on the contrary you want to create a bright, neutral bathroom you might choose a uniform white colour for each zone.

You could decorate this type of room with teak wood furniture, matt white ceramic wall tiles, black finish taps, bamboo drawer units, plants and scented candles, all of which will add a sense of harmony to the space (one of the principles of Feng Shui style) and let the positive energy flow. One of the most prominent qualities of the Up Blanco Snow Mate modular unit by Gamadecor. Featuring simple lines and several volumes that stack upon each other, the unit stands out for its ample storage capacity and minimalist design.

The romanticism of Victorian baths

This Victorian style bathroom stands out for the balanced play on colour between black and gold and the modern classic décor.

The freestanding Antic bath by Noken - with Lignage taps by Ramón Esteve - adds a romantic feel to the room, marrying perfectly with the Carrara Marble shower tray with a Finish Studio finish located at a perpendicular angle.

Mas Garriga, Sant Andreu Salou (Girona)

Architecture: CollGorgot Arquitectes.

Photo: Juan Luis Campoy

Concrete wall tiles for natural bathrooms

Natural style (featuring open wooden cabinets and shelves, bamboo baskets, cotton textiles, white ceramic mosaics and ceramic vases) has been gaining ground in bathroom design.

Following this aesthetic, Butech suggests using Micro-Stuk Fine Manhattan continuous wall tiles to unite each zone of the bathroom.The fine cement effect texture, coupled with its high resistance, not only adds a contemporary, colourful feel, but also makes bathrooms safer.



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