May 17, 2019

The 5 Best Shower Niche Real Ideas

Shower niches are a necessity in today’s bathrooms as they offer a discrete, stable and reliable storage solution for soaps and shampoo bottles. Therefore, say goodbye to using the floor or the corner of the tub for this purpose. Shower niches take care of this problem and also enhance your bathroom design, creating a beautiful focal point in the shower area. To help you to decide between the possible designs, we bring you a selection of shower shelf ideas that will make the most of your bathroom space. One look at these options, and you’ll be ready to start your next remodelling project today.

1. Using the same tile from wall to built-in shower shelf

Shower Niche ideas                   Credit: @wolstenholme_associates

Niches don’t have to be all about making a statement. If you are looking for a contemporary and minimalist styling in your bathroom, you must use the same tile throughout to create a calm and seamless transition from the recessed shower niche to the wall. Colours like grey and brown are really in for shower areas, as well as stone or wood finish.

2. Decorating the bathroom niche with mosaic tiles

shower niche real ideas                                               Credit: @cristianazgripcea

Niches are also great for playing with patterns, introducing textures and mixing colours thanks to the use of mosaic tiles. In this picture, Cristiana Zgripcea has combined a classy metal mosaic with natural finish tiles, achieving an outstanding result.

3. Spreading the shower wall shelf all over the wall

shower niche decor                            Credit: @webossa

You can make the shower niche as big as you wish and even use the whole wall to maximise the storage space. It is an attractive option for both small and large showers, so there’s no excuse to incorporate this element into your bathroom in your next reform. Moreover, it also adds a sense of depth that will make your shower look bigger.

4. Enlightening the ceramic shower shelf

Shower Noche Ideas                                               Credit: @aleart_dizain

If you wish to make the shower shelves more of a feature, place a slim light at the top or the bottom of the niche and create a pleasing lighting effect within the room. It will create a focal point that adds status and command attention.

5. Placing the shower niches geometrically

Shower Niche Real Ideas                            Credits: @kristenelizabethdesign

As you can see in this picture, geometry plays an important role when decorating a house, also when it comes to the shower area. Placing the shower niches on both sides of the wall gives a sense of balance and harmony, which is perfect for relaxing during shower time. Whether this is more practical or not is up to you to decide.


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