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3D Wall Tiles: Bathrooms, Kitchens & More Ideas

The future of home décor is going to be three-dimensional, from holograms to 3D printing and finishes like wall tiles. The future is here, however, as far as 3D wall tiles are concerned.

The use of 3D tiles has become a popular trend that is revolutionizing the design of bathrooms, kitchens, and other living spaces within homes. Whether you are looking to add some dimension and texture to your bathroom, create a statement feature wall in your living room or kitchen, or simply add some visual interest to a blank wall, 3D tiles are an excellent choice. In this article, we will explore some of the latest trends and ideas for using 3D wall tiles to transform your home, and show you how to create a space that you will love to live in.

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What are 3d tiles? 

3D tiles for walls

Ceramic 3D wall tiles

Glass 3D wall tiles

Stone 3D wall tiles

Metal 3D wall tiles

3D tiles for the home

Bathrooms with 3D tiles

Kitchens with 3D tiles

3D Tiles for other areas of the home


3d wall tiles

Faces S3 Plata 12.5X12.5X0.8/2.4 · Faces S4 Plata 12.5X12.5X0.8/2.4 (Available in-store)

What are 3D tiles?

To begin, it is important to clarify what we mean by the term “3D wall tiles”. Simply put, it refers to any tiles that are not strictly flat. In other words, tiles that have a texture, a surface relief or have depth to them.

With recent technological innovations, the possibilities of 3D tiles have increased exponentially. Nevertheless, 3D wall tiles have been around for a long time, since the beginnings of decorative tiles manufacturing.

Through this article, we will be examining wall tiles with this physical characteristic, rather than a visual 3D effect.

3D tiles for walls

No one wants to live in a cookie-cutter home, and with so many decorative options nowadays, there’s no reason for doing so. With 3D wall tiles, the possibilities are limitless, not only for putting an individual stamp on your home. But also, to create bespoke artwork that is also highly practical.

3D wall tiles come in a variety of materials including ceramic, glass, metal, and natural stone, allowing you to choose the material that suits your style and budget. Below we will outline the unique features of each of these materials and provide examples to facilitate a better comprehension of their characteristics. This will assist in making informed decisions when purchasing them.


Ceramic 3D wall tiles

Ceramics are the optimum cladding material for humid environments and are hard-wearing enough to be used on the exterior of buildings. Therefore, the use of 3D wall tiles in bathrooms and kitchens is recommended for several reasons. Based on the choice value for money and performance, 3D ceramic wall tiles are hard to beat. The addition of an extra dimension adds to the visual appeal of a feature wall or can transform a hum-drum space into something special.


3D Wall Tiles for Modern Bathrooms

Spiga Butan 45X120 (Available in-store)

3D Wall Tiles for Modern Chic Bathrooms

The ribbed texture of this 3D wall tile highlights the different qualities of ceramic as a material. The contrast between the smooth sanitary ware and the 3D wall tiles adds an effortless modern chic dynamic to the bathroom. The wall becomes an ever-changing artistic mural with subtle shadows adding depth to the space over the course of the day (and night).

Enhancing Kitchen Character with Subtle 3D Wall Tiles

Mosaico Prada Acero 45X120 (Available in-store)

Enhancing Kitchen Character with Subtle 3D Wall Tiles

This 3D wall tile with a subtle texture in raised contours creates an abstract pattern. The small format and delicate off-white colour create a subtle effect with differing shading over the tile surface. When other materials and kitchen utensils are set against its surface relief, the effect is much more obvious. This tile provides warmth and character with its contrasting texture.

Glass 3D wall tiles

Glass has a luminosity and lightness that is unique. With 3D wall tiles, these qualities can be harnessed to even greater effect. The refraction of light passing through the glass creates unexpected visual effects. Thanks to its unusual material, glass adds an elegant and sophisticated feature to areas that are not traditionally tiled like the living room.


Creative 3D Glass Wall Tile Design

Effect Rectangles Quartz 30X30.8X0.8 (Available in-store)

Creative 3D Glass Wall Tile Design

This mosaic tile combines several colours, creating a highly decorative feature wall panel with 3D wall tiles. The vertically aligned rectangular glass tiles are held in an irregular grid of neutral grout and together evoke the aesthetic of a painted mural. This could just as well be a custom mural sculpture as a wall cladding treatment.

Kitchen Backsplash with 3D Glass Mosaic Tiles

Effect Rectangles Quartz 30X30.8X0.8 (Available in-store)

Kitchen Backsplash with 3D Glass Mosaic Tiles

This kitchen backsplash is a stunning feature in the room. The 3D bevelled glass provides both texture and depth, giving the space a more luxurious and sophisticated feel.

The frosted and reflective tiles create a subtle contrast that adds interest to the design. Additionally, the variation of grey, black and clear glass not only adds drama but also creates a sense of movement, as the colours blend together seamlessly.

Overall, this backsplash is a beautiful and functional addition to any kitchen, providing both style and practicality.

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Stone 3D wall tiles

Traditionally, the chimney, fireplace or hearth would have been the area where 3D stone cladding was featured. Now with laser-cut stone and sintered options, the panorama of stone finishes has radically improved. Those qualities of stone that have made it a favourite since we first started inhabiting dwellings are more available and affordable than ever.


Slate 3D Tiles for Interior Design

Skyline Wave Dark 30X31.2X3.5 (Available in-store)

Slate 3D Tiles for Interior Design

This slate tile is expressed in three dimensions in two separate ways, a ribbed striated surface organised within an undulating pattern. The overall effect is best appreciated over an entire wall. The contrasting light and shade, deep texture and rich dark blue colour make this tile appropriate for living rooms, dining areas and other reception rooms.

Stone 3D Tiles for Terraces

Outlines Mini Strip Shannan 30X22.7X1 (Available in-store)

Stone 3D Tiles for Terraces

This 3D stone tile recreates a natural organic quality for an external terrace furnished as a living space. The pattern features long strips of sandstone-coloured textured tiles that look like they could have been found in nature. The effect is heightened by using a similar coloured, but smooth floor paving.

Metal 3D wall tiles

Metal represents the most recent innovation in 3D wall tiles. The properties of metal can be used to great effect in both humid and non-humid spaces. 3D tile patterns on different planes catch the light and reflect it back in unexpected ways. These textured metal tiles can work as murals or simply provide a decorative backdrop.


Textured Metal Mosaic Tiles

Gravity Aluminium 3D Hexagon Copper 30.7X30.4 (Available in-store)

Textured Metal Mosaics

This rich-coloured aluminium metal mosaic has a deep textured pattern that is both tactile and visually powerful. The rose-gold and copper colour tones are all slightly different because of the angular surface treatment of the 3D tiles. The hexagonal geometry becomes almost organic through the addition of a third dimension. Metal makes a perfect accent wall in a kitchen or feature wall in a living room.

3D texture tiles for the home

The 3D wall tile is a perfect way to decorate walls in spaces that are not usually tiled in UK homes. Whatever the material, stone, glass, metal or ceramic, these tiles tread the line between decorative, artistic and practical. Unlike the 2D or typical flat tile, the 3D tile reaches out to us, it grabs our attention. We can rediscover and enjoy our domestic spaces in a more vibrant way.


3D Bathroom Tiles

3D wall tiles are specifically recommended for bathrooms. Why? Because of their sensual and visually appealing qualities. Not to mention the range of options that allow each homeowner to create a unique and bespoke bathroom.

The bathroom is the most personal of all the spaces in our homes and deserves a little more TLC. Just like water itself, the sensation of being within the bathroom is connected with our senses. Tactile, acoustic, visual and olfactory sensations form part of its enjoyment.

Add 3D wall tiles through any of the following ways for maximum effect:

  • The area behind the Wash Hand Basin. Cover the entire wall for maximum effect. Ceramic and glass 3D tiles will provide the optimum results.
  • The shower enclosure or bath surround can be made more of a feature with 3D wall tiles. This works particularly well for showers and baths as a focal point in the bathroom.
  • The entire bathroom can be tiled with a more subtle 3D wall tile. We recommend a more abstract, sober relief or texture that contrasts with the sanitary ware fittings. This approach is successful in smaller bathroom spaces that lack character.


3D Bathroom Tiles

Treccia Natural 59.6X150 (Available in-store)


3D Tiles for Kitchens

With recent advances in manufacturing the possibilities to customise kitchens using 3D wall tiles are limitless. Not only for the backsplash but for walls that might not have been typically finished in tile. The addition of a textured wall in the kitchen can help organise the space. And in some cases, help with the improved functioning of the kitchen space.

The following ideas will provide some inspiration for 3D wall tiles in the kitchen:

  • Make a feature of the kitchen backsplash using 3D wall tiles. We recommend either glass or ceramic for the backsplash for easier cleaning and maintenance reasons.
  • Use 3D wall tiles to create a feature wall to help define a dining area within the kitchen. Stone or metal are ideal materials. They have a gravitas and sophisticated aesthetic that will make any set of table and chairs stand out.
  • Finish the entire kitchen with 3D wall tiles for a statement designer look. This approach is best suited to a more sober and less-decorative tile.


3D Tiles for Kitchens

Metal Bronze 3D Cubes 30X30X0.7-1.1 (Available in-store)


3D Tiles for Other Areas of the Home

3D wall cladding is not just a good idea for bathrooms and kitchens. With their sculptural qualities and innovative aesthetic 3D wall tiles can add visual impact to other areas around the home, even the bedroom.

The following examples and tile recommendations will inspire a whole new dimension to your home:

  • The entrance hall can benefit from the aesthetic and robust qualities of stone 3D tiles. We recommend something hard-wearing and easily maintained that can withstand heavier traffic.
  • Dining rooms exist to make a good impression and set a scene. Nothing is more sophisticated than glass or metal for creating a bespoke feature wall to frame a table and chairs.
  • Combine a subtle 3D wall tile with a dramatic fireplace and mantle cladding treatment in the living room. Instead of paint or wallpaper, the entire room can be finished in 3d tile.
  • As a headboard, a low-relief textured tile can create a focal point within a bedroom. This is a very modern but equally practical solution with a surface that is hygienic, hyper-allergenic and can be maintained easily.


3D wal tiles headboard

Faces H4 Blanco 12.9X14.9X0.8/2.4 (Available in-store)

Any questions?

We invite you to discover the world of 3D wall tiles at your nearest showroom. Our guarantee is that you will never look at tiles the same way again. Click the following button to find your nearest showroom and arrange a time.




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