May 16, 2017 | Updated: December 11, 2019


3-Way and Unique: new basins in KRION® with a metal finish

Basins are an outstanding element in the bathroom set due to its privileged position and continuous use. That is why its design must be original, elegant and innovative, as well as being in line with the latest trends in interior design.

In the KRION® Bath range from the PORCELANOSA Grupo firm, Systempool, we find two basin designs: 3-Way and Unique. Both have different finishes and the best manufacturing material in terms of strength, durability and easy maintenance: the KRION® Solid Surface compact mineral.

3-Way and Unique: metallic style finishes enter the bathroom

3-Way basins

The 2017 Interior design trends have already led metallic finishes to a privileged place. Finishes such as gold or copper are today synonymous with exclusivity, elegance and style. The new 3-Way models by KRION® Bath are white inside, but with a metallic exterior covering, combining the 1100 KRION® Snow White with copper, gold, titanium and pink for countertop basins. The objective: to update the bathroom design and provide it with greater versatility in its projection.

Regarding the 3-Way versions and formats from the KRION® Bath basin collections, it is worth mentioning that it is available in semi-recessed, under countertop and countertop. There is also a rounded version (40cm diameter), oval (60x40cm) and square format with rounded edges (40x40cm).

Unique basins

As well as 3-Way, the Unique basin series presents new countertop pieces in metal finishes: copper, gold, titanium and pink. These options, present on the washbasin exterior combined with an interior in white, open the possibilities of bathroom customisation and surrounds it in a unique atmosphere of sophistication. Regarding formats, the Unique basins include four countertop versions with high purity in design and sinuous and rounded edges: 40x40cm, 70x40cm, 52x38cm and 55x40cm. In turn, Unique from KRION® Bath has a semi recessed design in 52x38cm, only available in white.

The 3-Way and Unique collections add to its design that is adapted to the present in spectacular metallic finishes, the wide range of benefits by KRION®. An ideal material for a demanding space such as the bathroom, which is subjected to humidity, changes in temperature and direct contact with water. It is also antibacterial, easy to clean and it keeps its ultra-white finish intact.

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