January 27, 2020 | Updated: July 1, 2020


Minimalism and sustainability will be the key features of the PORCELANOSA Group’s display at the 27th International Exhibition of Global Architecture & Interior Design

From Monday until 31 January, its eight companies will present their latest products for the residential, hotel and contract sector.

The Group will announce its EcoConscious programme, which brings together some of the green initiatives developed by each of its companies.

On Monday PORCELANOSA Grupo will be opening its 27th International Exhibition of Global Architecture & Interior Design to present its latest collections of ceramic wall tiles and flooring, bathroom and kitchen fittings and technical solutions for smart buildings.

With sustainability and energy efficiency as their main theme, the eight companies in PORCELANOSA Grupo will present their new products until 31 January. Last year the fair was attended by 12,000 visitors from 80 countries and it is hoped that this year that figure can be exceeded.

Within the EcoConscious programme, the green catalogue that brings together the sustainable products of the PORCELANOSA Group and which will be available at the event, Porcelanosa is highlighting Forest by Par-ker. This ceramic parquet flooring is made with 95% recycled material and CO2 emissions during its manufacture are up to 40% lower.

Another sustainable ceramic wood is Starwood Ecologic from the PORCELANOSA Group, which is also made using 95% of recycled material.

More natural and durable textures

The innovative ceramic products Porcelanosa will be presenting at this event include Steel and Bhutan.

Steel recalls the appearance of sheet metal, in both its floor tiles (120 cm x 120 cm and 59.6 cm x 59.6 cm) and wall tiles (59.6 cm x 150 cm).

The four colours for flooring (Silver, Stone, Grey and Bone) and two for wall tiles (Grey and Bone) combine the textures and density of metal but with a lighter, smoother surface.

Bhutan is inspired by the appearance and colour contrasts of natural stone. Floor tiles are available in 59.6 cm x 59.6 cm and 100 cm x 100 cm format (HIGHKER) and wall tiles in 45 cm x 120 cm format.

The three colours of the Bhutan range (Steel, Bone and Silver) offer unlimited creative opportunities with a timeless undulating design. The first two colours are only available in the 45 cm x 120 cm format.

L’Antic Colonial has climbed even higher with Altissima Stone, a series based on clean cut natural stone.

With 68 different models, the collection includes pieces in marble, onyx, granite, quartzite and limestone and their finishes reflect the exclusive character of each piece according to the type of project.

We also see marble in XTONE, the compact sintered mineral by Urbatek. Its three new series: Azul Macauba, Calacatta Green and Alpi Verde, include stronger shades such as cobalt, dark green and sky blue.

The wide range of sizes and thicknesses means that these collections can be used for walls and flooring, giving spaces a more creative feel.

Venis has reformulated the use and appearance of natural stone with Verbier. This worn-looking porcelain stoneware maintains a subtle contrast between pieces so that rooms seem to be endless.

The matt finish and different degrees of shine define each of its three colours: Silver, Dark and Sand, and users can choose from 18 different patterns and various formats: 59.6 cm x 59.6 cm, 80 cm x 80 cm and 100 cm x 100 cm for flooring.

With 45 cm x 120 cm wall tiles, two decorative pieces (Samui and Thao) can be used, with patterns that range from bold curved lines to more subtle or geometrical designs.

Sustainable well-being for the retail sector

Fitwall and Kiron Shell® are the two main new developments by Krion for this fair. Fitwall has replaced a great deal of resin with natural minerals and pigments bringing greater realism to designs. Visitors to their premises will be able to see 10 new models in different colours.

Since the use of this material does not require building work, projects using Fitwall will be more resistant to fire, water and solar radiation. These properties make it an ideal solution for indoor or outdoor walls.

As part of a policy to combat climate change and preserve the natural environment, Krion has developed Krion Shell® to develop more sustainable sanitary fittings.

This Engineered Mineral Composite is made using the mineral dolomite and recycled PET plastic. With 5% recycled material and a solid external layer, this product increases the durability of bathroom fittings.

This environmentally-friendly approach is shared by Butech with its new R-Eco adhesive.

It is made from recycled plastic, 250 gr of plastic being reused for each bag of adhesive (equivalent to 50 plastic bags). It is suitable for both ceramic flooring and wall tiles.

The company is also continuing to expand its range of decorative profiles with the new Pro-part Coal design. Part of the Texture collection, its jet black colour sets off light colours and frames them in a predefined sober structure.

Bathrooms that reduce the carbon footprint

The firms Noken and Gamadecor propose modular and environmentally responsible fittings for bathrooms, their designs standing out for their straight balanced lines.

This can be seen in Noken’s Madison bathroom furniture, which can be used to create different combinations. Its main structure is an 80 cm wall-suspended unit with a 40 cm metal towel rail, a supplementary corner module to give it a curved end and a 40 cm glass shelf.

The Porcelanosa Grupo bathroom brand will also display its new vintage style Liem bathtub. Designed according to ergonomic principles, its continuous interior hides the overflow and it has a storage shelf.

A sense of calm shared by Gamadecor’s Phase, Gap, Radio and Side furniture, which emphasizes simplicity and avant-garde design with more customized finishes based on lacquer, wood and laminates.

EcoConscious, Porcelanosa’s commitment to sustainability.

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