February 4, 2020


27th International Exhibition: R-Eco, a new adhesive by Butech that reduces pollution by plastic

The firm has developed a new installation material for ceramic flooring and wall tiles, reusing plastic particles.

If all the PORCELANOSA Group’s tiles were fitted with this additive, the environmental impact of plastic would be reduced by more than 800 tonnes/year.

The impact of microplastics on the oceans has alerted official bodies, public institutions and environmental associations such as Greenpeace, which said in a recent report that plastic waste in Spain has reached 30 million items a day and that only 9% of all plastic consumed worldwide is recycled.

This is a critical situation, which calls for decisive, well organized action, according to the guidelines published by the UN. “We will address the damage to our ecosystems caused by the unsustainable use and disposal of plastic products, including by significantly reducing single-use plastic products by 2030, and we will work with the private sector to find affordable and environmentally friendly alternatives”, the organization said in a recent statement.

1 Butech r ECO Porcelanosa

R-Eco, an adhesive to combat the global climate emergency

In line with this policy and complying with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, Butech, a company in the PORCELANOSA Group, has developed a new adhesive that reduces plastic pollution and improves the natural environment in which it is used.

The company presented the applications of the new additive, R-Eco, highlighting its environmental advantages, at the PORCELANOSA Group’s  27th International Exhibition of Global Architecture & Interior Design.

Intended for cement-based fixing materials and fitting ceramic flooring and wall tiles, this product reflects the PORCELANOSA Group’s Eco-conscious® commitment by reusing plastics from other manufacturing processes. With each sack of adhesive used to fit tiles 250 gr of plastic are reused (equivalent to 50 supermarket bags).

Made from recycled plastic, it is compatible with all Butech C2 adhesives in accordance with the EN 12004 standard and could lead to a reduction in plastic pollution of over 800 tonnes/year if it was used to fit all the PORCELANOSA Group’s tiles.

6 Butech r ECO Porcelanosa

Jet black decorative profile

Another new product presented by Butech during the event was Pro-part coal, a new decorative profile in a striking jet black colour, which is part of the Texture range.

This piece can be seen as the perfect complement for minimalist bathrooms and kitchens, its dark colour producing an interesting contrast with neutral tones such as white, brown or grey.

Perfil Pro part Graphite Line Matt 2+Pro part Coal+XLight Soul White Polished Butech Urbatek Porcelanosa

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