February 3, 2020


27th International Exhibition: ‘Altissima Stone’ by L’Antic Colonial, high class natural stone

The new collection includes 68 models and features marble, granite, quartzite and onyx with cuts suitable for any project.

Each piece can be used on walls or floors and our exhaustive quality controls ensure that its original properties remain intact.

L’Antic Colonial has presented its new stone collection at the PORCELANOSA Group’s 27th International Exhibition of Global Architecture & Interior Design. With the slogan “natural beauty is unrepeatable,” the firm has added the Altissima Stone collection to its catalogue, featuring exclusive, beautifully finished pieces that include marble, onyx, granite, quartzite and limestone.

Altissima Stone Antic Colonial Porcelanosa 1

With 68 different models and several finishes available, these natural stone tiles can be cut cleanly and to measure for each project and can be used for flooring or wall tiles.

The delicacy and luminosity of each piece harmonizes perfectly with traditional or minimalist interior design. The sober translucent appearance of marble, for example, turns any room into an art gallery.

The treatment given to Altissima Stone by L’Antic Colonial makes every piece a gem. This can be seen in the selection stage, where the firm’s team of experts checks and analyses each stone. “We select each stone from its place of origin and examine it for subsequent use. Our careful handling of this collection reflects the unique character of each stone, whose natural properties are preserved intact thanks to the storage system we have in our centres,” the brand’s specialists explain.

A collection of the highest calibre.

Altissima Stone Antic Colonial Porcelanosa 4

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