January 30, 2019 | Updated: December 11, 2019


The 26th PORCELANOSA Grupo International Exhibition: Noken remains committed to sustainability and technology through WaterForest

The bathroom company strengthens its environmental role through a program that saves up to 83% of water.

In its Wellness solutions catalogue, the new Care System has been incorporated which not oxygenates and hydrates the skin, but it also regenerates it.

The bathroom company, Noken, a part of the PORCELANOSA Grupo, has opted for technology and the improvement of living conditions in its new bathrooms. With sustainability and energy resource control as the main objectives, the WaterForest product range has been developed. This takes environmental awareness to a whole new level.

The expansion of the space, which currently counts on another 2.000m2 of exhibition area, brought together some of the latest designs that this firm has implemented to encourage water savings. One of them was an ECO collection which allows energy consumption to be optimised and the daily habits that take place in the bathroom to be modified as well.

A water forest which protects the environment

To encourage ecological awareness, Noken incorporated an interactive space where visitors got to know what their actual water consumption was, and how much they could save with sustainable products and the correct use of them. Sustainable guidelines that were showcased in a virtual sustainability configurator and in its ECO products catalogue.

The WaterForest design is designed for individuals and professionals, since its products improve sustainability and environmental balance. A fact which reflects the international LEED and BREEAM certificates for sustainable buildings, where Noken also contributes.

Greater skin hydration

The study of the water regenerative and hydrating properties has promoted the development of the new Care System by Noken, Wellness equipment available for the Tono bathtub, designed by Foster + Partners

It is a mechanism capable of oxygenating and purifying water, as well as influencing both the collagen production and hydration in the skin. A process that increases serotonin levels which improves the user’s wellness through the bubbles that penetrate the skin. Technology designed for personal care.

Tono incorporates new elements

The Tono collection, designed by the renowned British Foster + Partners studio, has incorporated new bathtub formats in its free standing version and in its three sizes: 190cm, 180cm and 170cm.

Designed by Norman Foster’s team, these pieces are built with Noken Acrylic, a soft touching material with great durability that keeps the bathtub in perfect condition over time.

This series also includes innovative basin formats: countertop or wall hung with ceramic pop up click waste, and new mirrors with perimeter light and anti-fog technology in round and rectangular formats. With a minimalist and sober style, its taps come in copper and titanium finishes, which provide it with a Premium character.

A line that also follows its own collection, this is the Signature Collection. Its Liem and Oxo series have presented new pieces. With regard to Oxo, the company adds to the countertops with new XTone taps and a thermostatic shower column.

Noken envisages the future with research and technology as a priority. A relentless search for new formulas and properties to improve the quality of life for its clients and customers. If you would like to get to know about each of its designs in more detail, just follow this link.

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