January 25, 2019 | Updated: December 16, 2019


The 26th PORCELANOSA Grupo International Exhibition: KRION™ improves its colour range with Materia, its new urban aesthetic line

This firm has developed different tones based on natural changes and industrial processes from the 20th century.

This chromatic range is made up of 20% recycled material and it meets the needs of current design.

KRION™ has fixed its gaze on natural processes and their chromatic possibilities and with them in mind, it designed Materia, its new colour collection made up of 20% recycled material. Its presentation will take place at the 26th Global Architecture & Interior Design International Exhibition, and there, it will showcase the different decorative possibilities for interior design, the contract sector and retail.

Industrial aesthetic based on cement and concrete

The cement effect generated by Materia allows the textures to be combined with different elements in a room. Through its three colours: Amaro, Grigio and Luce; the spaces acquire a more urban touch and with them, designs without joints are created that grant greater visual continuity.

The qualities of this mineral compact, namely: thermocurved, zero porosity, flexion, impact resistance and easy maintenance; allow monolithic-looking pieces to be created, whose concrete aesthetic broadens the perspective and breadth of the projects. Contemporary versatility.

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