July 15, 2019 | Updated: December 12, 2019


The 12th Porcelanosa Awards Finalists: the XLight collection from Urbatek and Krion™ play the leading roles in the transparent “Tarima” project.

Alexandra Demetriu, from the School of CICE in Madrid, is one of the finalists in the category of Forward-Looking Design – Students.

“Tarima” is a project made with materials from PORCELANOSA Grupo which stands out because of its versatility and multifunctionality alike.

One of the objectives of the Porcelanosa Awards is to recognise creativity and dedication by new talent in the category of Forward-Looking Design – Students. This is the case with Alexandra Demetriu, a student of the BIM Master in the professional school of New technologies (CICE) in Madrid, whose “Tarima” project has made it as a finalist.


We are dealing with a continuous space, which is defined by the material used, as well as the light projected. Multifunctionality is one of its main characteristics since, in addition to its use as an establishment, it has been designed to meet people’s needs. The student himself has decided to use different series from the XLight collection from Urbatek for coverings and floorings, and furthermore, he has also banked on the Krion™ mineral compact for the fixed furniture in the space.

Stone inspiration for a sober elegant atmosphere

“Tarima” is a combination of planes on a modular graticule whose composition is based on a colour scheme which goes from the middle to the outside part. XLight can be found in most of the work because of the beauty and the wide range of textures. As well as that, it offers a huge number of benefits regarding technology, namely: outstanding resistance and quality. It is in the mobile panels where the Lush White series has been installed. Its texture is inspired by white marble and it is able to enhance the light in the atmosphere as well. The general spaces, floorings and walls have been manufactured with Aged Clay; whereas darker tones have been used for the mobile panels in the entrance. Also, for the bathroom wall tiles and floor tiles, Savage Dark has been opted for, with the Savage collection being the choice for the patio wall tiles.

The versatility of Krion™ is projected into “Tarima”,  which arranges the shape of most of the furniture, and for this, the Snow White colour has been opted for. A colour which counts on the K-Life technology, which is able to degrade the pollution of the atmosphere, as well as making people’s quality of life better. The kitchen worktops, the counters and the public toilets have been manufactured with this thermocurved material from PORCELANOSA Grupo.

The project is focused on transparency which gives off a feeling of spaciousness with elegance and style which are all easily noticed. The atmospheres which are created achieve an enriching experience for visitors, thanks to the different changing textures.

An open space which enhances the freedom of movement and sensations alike.

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