August 26, 2019 | Updated: December 31, 2019


The 12th Porcelanosa Awards Finalists: ‘columnar disjunction’ in Morphos, Forward-Looking Design – Students

Carmen García-Gil Moyano and Sergio Robles Martínez are the creators of this project which stands out because of bringing three types of columns and a large illuminated dome together.  

Natural stone from L’Antic Colonial leads the way in the displays and the structures, whereas KrionTM is the material which has been the most used on the ceilings.

The uniqueness of ‘Morphos’ has led Carmen García-Gil Moyano and Sergio Robles Martínez to becoming finalists at the latest Porcelanosa Awards in the category of Forward-Looking Design – Students. The project, based on an innovative concept for the retail sector, stands out because of its combination of columns and its large illuminated dome.

Simulating natural compositions known as columnar disjunctions, Morphos brings three different types of columns together in its interior design. Each of them plays a different role depending on its typology. Those which go from floor to ceiling form a part of the space, while working as a visual and structural support. Those that start from the ceiling and go down to the floor are those creating the illuminated dome. Furthermore, those which start from the floor create a dynamic system of pedestals, which results in the product being enhanced, bringing it closer to the clients.

Banking on the highest quality and exclusivity, the designers have opted for natural stone to make the columns and displays. Neutral tones and a matt finish such as the Caspian Grey Classico marble and the Tabla Heritage Onix Etnia, both from L’Antic Colonial, which highlight the Premium character of the space.

A tapestry of zenithal light

One of the other most standout elements in Morphos is its illuminated dome-shaped ceiling. A tapestry of zenithal light that arises from the inclusion of spheres which empty the solid and create space. Its backlit effect is achieved through the KrionTM compact mineral, which in the KrionTM Lux 8140 version, creates a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Other versions of this product are present in ceilings and floors, such as KrionTM 6506 Greggio, KrionTM 6501 Cream and Atlantic Blue Star. The solid surface is combined with ceramic solutions from L’Antic Colonial, namely: the Mediterranean-styled Calpe Seagreen ceramic.

Modern material in bathrooms and common areas

With the aim of enhancing the overall image and making the product visible without compromising the concept of a pleasant space, Carmen García-Gil and Sergio Robles have brought models together such as Ferroker Caldera and Ferroker Niquel from Venis in some of the common areas. Designs which provide the atmospheres with sophistication and industrial style.

With regard to equipment in the toilet areas, the Acro Compact series from Noken has been opted for, especially suitable for contract projects because of its small size.

As far as furnishing is concerned, custom designs have been chosen in the same tone as the materials from PORCELANOSA Grupo.

In terms of structure, Morphos is divided into two clearly differentiated areas. The lower exhibition area showcases all the products and is connected to the outside by a single point. On the upper floor, one can find the café and a viewpoint that looks out onto the floor and the dome, bringing the two plans together.

Promise for the future

Carmen García-Gil Moyano and Sergio Robles Martínez are students from the CICE Madrid  Architecture and Building Course. Both of them, through Morphos, have achieved in creating a retail project which is completely different. Textures, shapes and colours which intertwine to get a multi-sensory client experience. Beauty and exclusivity through the most standout materials.

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