July 10, 2017 | Updated: December 31, 2019

Architecture awards

The 10th PORCELANOSA Awards: KRION® in all its versions in a single-family house in Mallorca

We continue with the review of the 10th PORCELANOSA Grupo Architecture and Interior Design Awards finalists, focusing on the Completed Projects, where the architecture studio, Gras Architects, under the direction of Guillermo Reynes and Alvaro Perez Gonzalez, finished up in third place; with a single-family house in Andratx, Mallorca. The combination of elegance and creativity has created a unique project, done with the natural materials from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, and it is based on cutting-edge designs and shapes. 

The project

The studio has created a project that defies the laws of gravity with a structure which simulates a floating effect, as if by magic. At the top of a hill in Mallorca, where the only things that matters are the land, the sea and the sky, we find the single-family house through which Gras Arquitectos has entered the contest.

Following the premise that each context deserves a different approach, the project by Gras Architects has counted on a new approach, making ethereal architecture integrate into the natural landscape that is surrounded by. 

Design and materials

A new concept of architecture for a new historical context advocates sustainable and pure structures. Gras Arquitectos has made this possible thanks to the innovative materials from the PORCELANOSA Grupo.

Regarding the hotel materiality, the elements used in the project are those that in a way, end up dematerializing it, since they ensure minimalism and aesthetic purity is maximised. The ventilated façade and the eaves by KRION® Snow White, eliminate the boundaries between the building and the sky, emphasizing the perception that the house is floating.

Likewise, the compact mineral material KRION® Solid Surface in the infinite eaves of the deck and in the kitchen countertop, is sometimes imperceptible due to its light compact mineral. Regarding the flooring by STON-KER on the ground floor, despite being warm, its lightweight and polished composition makes the upper volume lighter.

The cutting-edge and elegant feel equipped in the whole of the house, continues indoors. If we enter the kitchen, the Emotions collection by Gamadecor has been opted for, a kitchen designed to impress through its sumptuous pure lines and unique finishes in: a textured earthy finish and a textured white finish. A room that does not hesitate in making the most of the exclusive properties of the compact mineral KRION® Solid Surface in the countertop.

With regard to the bathrooms, the toilets and  the seats from the Noken Forma collection have been chosen; and the versatility of the KRION® Solid Surface rectified porcelain tile for the countertops and the shower trays.

The kitchen, the floor tiles, the cabinets, the bathrooms, everything follows the same architectural principle, creating a unique structure that evokes peace and well-being. To sum up, we have a project that includes the most transgressive and innovative vision of architecture, and the search for simplicity in the architectural language. Creating a unique and modern concept. 

Project carried out by: Gras Arquitectos.

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