Май 29, 2014 | Updated: Январь 2, 2019

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Visit L’Antic Colonial showroom from any computer or mobile device

L’Antic Colonial is committed to making its showroom available to professionals and users all over the world so the company has created a new virtual tour which you can access from any computer, tablet or Smartphone.

This intuitive tool enables users to learn about the endless natural materials and mosaics offered by the company as well as the new Men{H}ir de Estudi{H}ac collection. Moreover, you can get enter the Signature Spaces developed by Fran Silvestre, Ramón Esteve, Eric Kuster, Nuno Brandao, Fernando Arteaga (SB Architects) and Eduardo Souto de Moura with natural mosaics, stones, and materials by L’Antic Colonial.

However, we must not forget about the Company’s bathroom creations and the extraordinary outdoor showroom where the natural stone floorings and laminates are exhibited.

Discover the new L’Antic Colonial virtual showroom at the company’s main headquarters which forms part of PORCELANOSA Group.

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