Ноябрь 12, 2014 | Updated: Октябрь 18, 2018


Vintage designs and chic reliefs decorate the Dover ceramic stone from Porcelanosa

Passion for innovation has led Porcelanosa to develop a new collection of flooring and coverings in its Ston-ker® ceramic stone: Dover. This is an ingenious product which combines hydraulic designs and exquisite reliefs, created under the same common denominator: the robust appearance of cement.

Two models of flooring and another five coverings complete the varied repertoire of this collection of porcelain tiles, characterised by large format pieces which add greater consistency to these resistant tiles.

For floors, the Dover collection has a smooth base, available in five elegant colours (Acero, Caliza, Arena, Topo and Antracita), and the version Dover Antique, a mosaic with a combination of different, apparently unconnected motifs, capture the traditional charm of the hydraulic tiles from the beginning of the 20th century. Both models are available in a square format or in a long slab which allows the creation of stylish compositions or the framing of the mosaic like a tapestry.

Among the ceramic coverings of the Dover collection, as well as the base model, Porcelanosa offers various options which combine the industrial look of cement with designs and reliefs which bring a touch of nostalgia to walls.

Thus, continuing with the same aesthetic as the flooring, the Dover Antic covering presents an eclectic composition of vintage inspired organic geometry and motifs, while Dover Line shows a styled panel of two colour strips. As for the reliefs, Porcelanosa offers the horizontal grooved Dover Modern Line and the dynamic zigzag composition of Dover Espiga.

The different models of the Dover coverings are available in 31.6x90cm format and can be combined with smooth versions to achieve more personal results.

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