Март 18, 2015 | Updated: Октябрь 18, 2018


Venis reinterprets the solemnity of the renacentist majolica ceramic tile: Aqua Porcellana

The beautifully crafted traditional majolica ceramic tile has brought Venis to create a new collection of ceramic wall tiles  recreating the glazed finishes of the European porcelain used in decoration during the Renaissance era.

The majolica ceramic tile is a kind of decorated pottery characterised by its metal reflections. When making it, natural clay was used and baked at a low temperature and it was decorated with enamel made of rust. Greatly used in the 15th and 16th centuries in Europe, it started to be made in Spain with the aim of being exported to Italy from the island of Majorca –where the word is thought to have come from-.

The new Aqua Porcellana ceramic series by Venis is presented in a single 33,3×100 cm rectified format, in other words, large sizes which let the laying time be reduced so that any project can be efficiently finished and perfect results can be achieved.

Even though the crafted ceramic spirit remains, the large format of this new ceramic collection by Venis as well as its glassy finish of blurred edges provide the Aqua Porcellana series with a timelessness style, fitting in with the most present of atmospheres, while maintaining its character.

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