Июль 29, 2014 | Updated: Октябрь 18, 2018


Urbatek Strato technical porcelain, now in an unrectified version

Urbatek extends the possibilities of the Strato collection with an unrectified version of this well-known collection of technical porcelain stoneware. There is a lot of demand for this format among architecture and interior design professionals and this stone finish ceramic series by PORCELANOSA Group.Now designers and architects can choose between the rectified 44.4×44.4cm format and the unrectified piece with dimensions of 45x45cm. Both options are available in the four finishes of the Strato collection: Black, Beige, Brown and Grey.In addition to multiplying design possibilities, being able to choose between a finish without joints or an arrangement in which the traditional bevelled edges of the ceramic tiles are maintained, and opting for an unrectified finish speeds up the installation process, as a less complicated technique will be required to achieve optimal results, which are just as durable for floors as for wall coverings.With an appearance very similar to natural stone, the matte Nature finish gives the Strato collection a smooth and pleasant texture, maintaining the technical benefits which make this collection of technical porcelain stoneware a good option for large projects with demanding technical needs.

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