Июль 17, 2014 | Updated: Октябрь 18, 2018


Urbatek extra-fine porcelain stoneware, now in kitchens

The versatility and resistance of Urbatek’s large format extra-fine porcelain stoneware make the use of XLight possible with multiple applications, including in kitchen spaces. This is an option which multiplies design possibilities in this space, thanks to the wide palette of colours and finishes in which Urbatek’s ceramic laminate is available.From wall to countertop coverings, thanks to its large format and low density (just 3.5mm in the Nature finish and 5.6mm in the Pulido finish), Xlight allows the number of necessary cuts for its arrangement, as well as the number of joins in its installation, to be reduced.These same qualities make the use of Urbatek’s extra-fine porcelain stoneware possible in renovation projects without the need to remove the existing covering, preventing the inconvenience of building waste and thus reducing the time taken in carrying out the work.At the same time, the XLight extra-fine ceramic covering is suitable for achieving special finishes in kitchen fittings such as cupboard doors, and even for creating hidden doors, for example, for a larder. In this way, elegant and exclusive designs are achieved with the hygienic and hard-wearing finish which characterises the ceramic material.

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