Февраль 6, 2015 | Updated: Октябрь 18, 2018


The Unique collection of Krion® custom-made bathrooms attracts attention at the XXII Exhibition

Today is the end of the opening week of the XXII International Exhibition of Global Architecture where the eight firms of PORCELANOSA Group  have released in their new exhibition spaces the proposals and solutions to create the trends in the next architectural and worldwide interior design projects.

From Systempool, they encourage us to design a custom bathroom with the new Unique series models of washbasins, shower trays and baths, a complete collection of bathroom elements that can be used with sheets of solid surface  Krion® to achieve fully adaptable results. Therefore, thanks to the different processing techniques supported by the material developed by Systempool and its wide range of colour options, each user can set the perfect solution adjusted to the functional and aesthetic needs of each project.

Made in Krion® Snow White, the unique washbasins feature an exclusive and stylish oval design, full of suggestive and refined lines that perfectly reflect the personality of the collection. Their multiple installation options are one of the largest technical qualities of this series, which has three installation proposals:  inset, semi-inset or support.

With regard to Unique’s shower tray, Systempool offers different bases, already prepared with suitable slope design and drainage hole normalized so that professionals can easily install them with the Krion®plates, thus avoiding spatial, functional or aesthetic limitations in certain projects. Besides, the base includes a drain bezel material so that it is integrated with the surface of the shower tray.

Finally, Unique’s bath combines high capacity with a bathtub made of the versatile and durable Snow White solid surface  Krion®. It also offers several installation options such as inset solutions, skirtings and freestanding among others, facilitating the creation of spaces of different styles to meet the needs and expectations of professionals and users.

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