Сентябрь 14, 2015 | Updated: Октябрь 18, 2018

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The singular applications of Solid Surface. When KRION® is the very award

In the never ending search to create new applications for the latest generation of mineral compact KRION® Solid Surface, the firm from the PORCELANOSA Grupo has discovered what is possibly the most appreciated way to inject life into material: turn it into a prize.

Beyond its function as an indoor wall tile or its use on both facades and huge projects, the use of this small sized wall tile stands out but with regard to an uncountable emotional dimension. Numerous event organizers and prestigious firms opt for KRION® as the material with which they can shape and mould the trophies and awards that are handed out to the winners, connecting with the hope, the reward and the gratitude due to the brilliance that is behind their efforts.

Between the trophies and the awarded prizes  made with the Solid Surface, the designs created by Quico Torres for the International Webseries de L’Alfas del Pi Festival really do stand out. Those created by the Muher Studio for the EFE agency because of its 75 years in America, whose awards ceremony took place in the international American city, Miami, and without forgetting about the ones made for the Architecture and Interior Design Awards organised by PORCELANOSA Grupo.

So, onto the incalculable applications of the versatile solid surface that Systempool develops, one deserving a special mention is added, in other words, KRION®, which is paid yet another tribute, and with this, an object of pride, an honourable way to shape material and provide it with the recognition that it deserves.

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