Август 4, 2014 | Updated: Октябрь 18, 2018

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The latest in architecture and design in LifeStyle & PORCELANOSA #24 – get it now!

You can now download the latest issue of the LifeStyle & PORCELANOSA magazine, with all the news about the brand, as well as its new projects and advice on decoration and interior design offered by some of the most prominent architects and designers of the moment.In issue 24 of LifeStyle & Porcelanosa you will find out about the PORCELANOSA Group’s new headquarters in New York’s Fifth Avenue, designed by the prestigious architect, Norman Foster. Furthermore, you will discover the details of the gala of the 7th Architecture and Interior Design Awards with exclusive images of the event, as well as the winning projects from this edition of the awards, in addition to an in depth interview with one of the stars of the evening: the head of Touza Architects.The new products of the eight firms of the Group play a prominent role in the latest edition of LifeStyle magazine, with a review of the new showrooms opened for the 21st International Exhibition, “latest developments in design and functionality and always at the cutting edge of technology and research”.All this, along with the most significant projects by great architects and interior designers in which the PORCELANOSA Group has participated during recent months: the Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza; a loft designed by Gallardo Llopis Architectos; doctor Iván Mañero’s clinic in Barcelona, by Mario Corea Arquitectura; the new window display of Porcelanosa’s Valencia branch, designed by Carmen Baselga; and the shops of Bershka (part of Grupo Inditex) which have introduced Castel Veciana Arquitectos’ design to the world.Download issue 24 of the Lifestyle & PORCELANOSA magazine here

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