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The large international attendance consolidates the 22nd Porcelanosa Group Exhibition

The inaugural week of the 22nd Global Architecture International Exhibition by PORCELANOSA Group  finished with an excellent attendance ratio as the organization of the event had expected, and thus ratifying the 12.000 visitors attending the last editions of the exhibition.

The massive international participation has been evident because of the amount of the 9.000 international visitors coming from 80 different countries. A fact that consolidates the increase of 5% of foreign visitors in 2013, which is a result of the strengthening of the trade links established with emerging countries, which have become part of the commercial map of the Group in the last few months. Therefore, it is worth highlighting the increase of the visitors coming from Africa, a continent that turns out to be a challenging target for the Group in relation to the development prospects in the short and medium term.

Many different visitors attended this 22nd edition of the annual Exhibition by PORCELANOSA Group  with the aim of getting first-hand knowledge of the latest designs and products of the eight firms of the company. Among them it is worth mentioning architects and interior designers as well as other professional profiles related to the world of architecture, construction and interior design, mainly prescribers of the product.

During the 22nd International Exhibition by PORCELANOSA Group , visitors were offered an exclusive preview of the products and materials that will be exhibited in the next months in the showrooms the company already has all over the world: woodgrain or cement porcelain floor tiles and vintage-inspired ceramic wall tiles by Porcelanosa and Venis; large format technical porcelain and ceramic laminates by Urbatek; hardwood and natural stones that six prestigious international design firms have given shape to in the Signature Spaces by L’Antic Colonial ; wardrobes, dressing-rooms and kitchen furniture adapted to the present lifestyles of Gamadecor; leading edge materials such as Krion®, the solid surface developed by Systempool; the most innovative bathroom equipment for more sustainable spaces by Noken; and the building systems reinforcing the progress of the modern architecture by Butech.

Do not miss the picture gallery of the 22nd International Exhibition and the video of the latest interior design trends presented this year.

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