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The ceramic parquet and the hydraulic inspiration lead the way at the 22nd Exhibition by Porcelanosa

The opening week of the 22nd Global Architecture International Exhibition by Porcelanosa is about to get underway. The eight firms of PORCELANOSA Group will present all their latest designs under the watchful eye of professionals, users and communication media, all of whom come from 80 different countries. This International Exhibition, which takes place from February 2nd to the 6th, hopes to attract more visitors than the 12.000 who came to the 21st edition.

Among the proposals in porcelain tiles flooring and ceramic wall tiles Porcelanosa has chosen for its new exhibition, one can find the new models and creations which complete its extensive catalogue together with the materials that are creating trends in architecture and interior design.

Par-ker® London, when the oak nobility turns into ceramic

With regards to the ceramic parquets ,  Porcelanosa presents the Par-ker® London collection, which at first sight is captivating because of its noble stately appearance. The London ceramic floor tiles and wall tiles  perfectly recreate the oak wood graining and surfaces.

London Par-ker® wall tiles are presented in four colour tones:  Nogal, Black, Grey and Tabac – and in two formats: London Line –composed by longitudinal stripes forming strips arranged in cascade-  and Taco London -31,6x90cm pieces that simulate mosaics formed by wood square pieces in different volumes-. On the other hand, the London Par-ker® porcelain tiles flooring  is available in two formats -29x120cm and 19x120cm- and in five colour tones: Nogal, Black, Grey, Castaño and Tabac.

The birthplace of Spanish Modernism inspires the new designs in the Barcelona collection

Porcelanosa, in its 2015 showroom, has widened its range of ceramic floor tiles and wall tiles inspired by the hydraulic tiles at the beginning of the 20th century, typical of the Modernist architecture. The floral motifs and the decorative geometries are joined aiming at the creation of rhythmic patterns or are mixed together to form eclectic panels with apparently disjointed designs. The astounding beauty of the different designs in the Barcelona collection achieves a special dimension because of the colour schemes of each design, simulating the traditional pigmentation of the original tiles.

Three new designs are added to the other three models already available to complete the Barcelona porcelain tiles flooring series, all of them available in 59,6 x 59,6 cm format. With regard to wall tiles, Porcelanosa has expanded the collection with three new models in the format 31,6 x 90 cm; each tile appears to be composed of small pieces of 15x15cm and has a textured surface that allows you to see the relief of geometric figures.

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