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The Author’ Spaces 2015 by L’Antic Colonial are taking shape

Six months before the inauguration of the XXII Global Architecture International Exhibition by PORCELANOSA Group, L’Antic Colonial had already started with the materialisation of the 6 Author’ Spaces the invitee firms have designed with the company’s natural materials. These spaces can be visited in the showroom during 2015.

Francesc Rifé Studio, Piet Boon®, Cardete&Huet Architectes, Jestico + Whiles, Sanahuja&partners España + Coletivo de Arquitetos and Helmut Jahn will be the ones in charge of the design of the Author’ Spaces by L’Antic Colonial in 2015. The new designs will replace the atmospheres by Eduardo Souto de Moura, SB Architects |Fernando Arteaga, Ramón Esteve Estudio, Nuno Brandão Costa, Fran Silvestre Arquitectos y Eric Kuster,  all of them still present in the   L’Antic Colonial showroom and  web.

Francesc Rifé Studio works with the idea of a bathroom characterised by the concept of water as a source of life. The same as the liquid element, the space connects with a fluid structure where the visual barriers have been removed. A concept that portrays the formal balance and the austerity which are present in the projects of this architect and interior designer from Barcelona.

Piet Boon® gets inspired by the traditional elements in a bathroom in order to create a space characterised by the natural materials, an open space suitable for relaxing, strategically designed to stimulate the senses. The perfect balance between the comfort and the attention to detail turn out to be the main features that characterise the Dutch designer’s work.

In the Cardete&Huet Architectes ‘Suite’ one can see the harmony between the mastery combination of hardwood and the natural stone, all together present in a hotel room where the French architects’ studio of Francis Cardete and Gérard Huet, which aims at strengthening the functionality and the feeling of comfort.

The British studio of Jestico + Whiles has been inspired by the urban regeneration and the sustainable willingness set on its design: a bathroom laid out around a basin and a cabinet with a dragonfly shape. The different textures of the natural stone impose a distinguishing character to this space designed by one of the most renowned Architecture studios in England.

Sanahuja&partners España + Coletivo de Arquitetos have designed a living-dining room presided over by a collage of natural stones in different colours, finishings and formats that decorate the main wall of the space. A table and chairs with projection, which seem to be floating, show the avant-garde look in the design.

The American architect Helmut Jahn , in “Space Craft”, develops a house where the rooms adapt to the necessities of the moment, changing into a kitchen, bedroom or a living-room. As far as the bathroom is concerned, more Independence is needed, therefore, a limited area has been given to keep the practical and comfortable logic which the space requires.

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