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The 8th PORCELANOSA Grupo Awards Finalists: R-Révolution Santé, Montpellier (France), in executed projects

We travel to Montpellier, a city in the southwest of France, to look at another of the finalists in the 8th PORCELANOSA Grupo Awards of Architecture and Interior Design: the R-Révolution Santé health center, included in the category of executed projects.

Just by observing its ventilated façade, you may realize that it is not a traditional health center, but a modern and sophisticated space for getting the patient to learn how to be the centre of attention with regard to their own health, and at the same time, managing to get some harmony. It should be noted how the predominantly white facade on which the colourful glazing stands out, a source of natural light supply. The facade also allows external insulation, whereby the R-Santé Revolution from the architect Jean-Paul Meyran, and furthermore, it already has the HQE energy performance certificate.

With regard to the interior design, it is a place for patients with chronic diseases and rehabilitation, it is designed in such a way that it is as warm as it is welcoming. In this sense, products and materials from PORCELANOSA Group stand out for their quality, and elegant aesthetics. They are ideal for a project of this size and with these characteristics.

For the floor tiles and wall tiles in many of the rooms, they are organized around two large trapezoidal bodies connected only by the entrance area and terrace; floor and wall tiles in natural stone from L’Antic Colonial such as the Alexandria Cream Lined Home Bioprot; the Glacier Moon Metallic Black; or the Dream Mix Whites mosaic have been used. All have been selected for both the pool and treatments areas, using highly hygienic and moisture resistant materials. Giving it an extra touch of class, Nacre Qatar coating from Porcelanosa has also been used for this area, with dynamism in its forms and surface in relief.

Seeking balance and physical activity through the most advanced technologies in rehabilitation equipment, the fitness area and the kitchen, destined for dietary control, have floors with ceramic parquet from Porcelanosa, a floor tile with a look of wood suggesting warmth but keeping the ceramic tile properties such as low porosity or high resistance. These atmospheres include another floor from L’Antic Colonial, the AC4 Oak Residence 1L laminate flooring.

In short, an exquisite interior design marked by the experience of living a fully customized treatment for health, with educational and culinary workshops, adapted for physical activities and health and beauty treatments.

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