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The 8th Porcelanosa awards: special mention for ADPI studio

While going over the best prizewinning projects at the 8th Architecture and Interior Design awards, we stopped to give a special mention to  ADPI, the French Architectural studio for using Porcelanosa Group’s products on the façade of the new French embassy building in Bangkok.

Headed up by Nicolás Mourin, the architects in charge of the Project designed a façade ventilating surface area of 2.600 m2 with the building systems by Butech covered with Solid Surface Krion® Lux Snow White 1100.

The volumetry transports the building to a visual aesthetic in plain three-dimensional, thanks to a façade design in 3D in which the latter and its cover create different levels that go beyond the classic construction model in straight lines. Regarding the state-of-the-art shapes of this building, white by Krion® is added thanks to the purity of the mineral composition that transforms this project into a new model for architecture in the Thai capital. What’s more, the project has banked on the latest structural technologies developed by Butech.

The leading company, ADPI, takes up the position of second place for firms in the international airport design ranking, according to the publication, the Engineering News Record. It is specialised in the development of projects in relation to the high level of people traffic space, among which we find, as well as international airports, others like diplomatic complexes, skyscrapers or big cultural centres, and furthermore, Porcelanosa Group’s products have been counted on in complex and technical projects such as the new French diplomatic HQ in Thailand.

At the award giving ceremony, which took place at the prestigious Ritz Hotel in Madrid in May, Jean Charles Content and Mabel Miranda took the award on behalf of this renowned studio.

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