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The 8th PORCELANOSA Awards: Noor Island, 3Deluxe Studio

It is worth mentioning the awarded projects at the 8th Architecture and Interior Design Awards by Porcelanosa. On this occasion, the honorary award is for the German studio 3Deluxe, thanks to its innovative project called Noor Island in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Noor Island is one of the big projects which are currently being carried out in the Asian country, and whose finalization has been initially scheduled for Autumn 2015. It consists of an artificial island with an area of 2,4 hectares where a large tourist resort will be located.

The company, Porcelanosa Grupo, takes on a special importance in the development, design and architecture of this project. 3Deluxe Studio has banked on the quality and current design of Porcelanosa Grupo products, as well as its cutting-edge mineral compact, in other words, Krion Solid Surface, present in most of its structures.

The future island

Located in Khalid lagoon, in Sharjah city, Noor Island is already considered as a creative architectural gem where imagination is a must within design. Nature, art and fun are perfectly intermingled throughout their main crucial points: the illuminated bridge, which will link the island with Sharjah City; the Butterfly House, consisting of a rainforest biotope where as many as 500 different exotic butterflies coexist; and the Literature Pavilion, a blossom-shaped building which will become a sanctuary for book-lovers. Furthermore, it will accommodate other areas where an imaginative and unforgettable adventure for all the family will be experienced, highlighting among others the paths, an adventure activity area for children, and a small dock.  

3Deluxe Studio, with its headquarters in the German city of Wiesbaden, is already internationally known thanks to the design of this project, but also because of other international renowned ones, such as Kafee Partner Headquarters, awarded the Best Architecture Design in Germany, 2014; the Australian Shana Medical Centre; or the Retail & Office Building in Cairo.

At the 8th Porcelanosa Awards Ceremony, which was held last May 29th, Seipp Petter and Brell Wolf Dietter received the award on behalf of the renowned architecture studio.

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