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The 8th PORCELANOSA Awards Jury: Marc Hertrich & Nicolas Adnet

The French interior designers Marc Hertrich and Nicolas Adnet (Hertrich & Adnet Studio) will form a part of the jury members of the 8th Architecture and Interior Design Awards, held by PORCELANOSA Group. The award winners will be announced in the traditional award ceremony taking place next May.

For over 25 years from its Paris headquarters, the Hertrich & Adnet Studio has been optimising its vision on how elegance is defined through architecture, decoration and interior design. Marc Hertrich & Nicolas Adnet, not only show an enormous respect for history in their projects, but they support new technologies, craftwork and culture too, as tools capable of going beyond any barrier. Poetry, and innovation are interlinked in order to tell stories about Hertrich & Adnet Studio’s work in hotels, spas and restaurants worldwide.

After Hertrich & Adnet began their solo careers, Hertrich, having got a degree in design from the Decorative Art School and coming from a five-generation carpenter family, crossed paths with Nicolas Adnet, who worked in the world of high fashion and was inspired by renowned designers such as Yves Saint Laurent. Hertrich & Adnet’s influence on haute couture is clearly noticeable in their decorative field, by means of their preference for the detail and their enormous respect for culture, and local craft workers, who form a part of the team in their projects.  They are currently providing a company called Accor with their help with refurbishing Sofitel hotels in the Lisbon market, the old harbour in Marseille, Casablanca and Frankfurt.

Their unique style is noticeable in all their projects, achieving a strong identity of its own brand which has resulted in it being internationally awarded the Six Star Diamond thanks to their design of the Oliviers Suite in Martinez de Cannes Hotel, or the Cabourg Grand Hôtel, a highly regarded hundred-year-old luxurious building. Important hotel chains, legendary palaces, top-quality restaurants and boutique hotels, residential projects, in other words, all their work is not only placed at the service of  a particular place’s history but also linked to an artistic expression.

Bear in mind that if you want to take part in the 8th Architecture and Interior Design awards, you have to make a provisional booking and send us your design before April 13th. Further information and competition bases can be found in the following website: www.porcelanosa-interiorismo.com.

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