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The 8th Porcelanosa Awards Finalists: Alicia Sanz Ayuso in Students Forward-Looking Projects

Our review of the 8th Architecture and Interior Design Awards  by PORCELANOSA Grupo takes us back to the sea by means of an innovative finalist project in Students Forward-Looking Projects. Its designer is Alicia Sanz Ayuso, a student on the course of 3D Max and V-Ray Architectural Projects Modelling at the CICE, The Professional School of New Technologies in Madrid.

The Spanish culture has turned out to be the basis of inspiration for Alicia Sanz Ayuso´s future vessel. Her interior design is characterised by the inclusion of rooted elements, where the culture works as light-screening elements and big plasticity shapes.

With the aim of achieving the warmth and serenity that only a few materials like wood provide, vinyl wall tiles with a wood like appearance go along the horizontal planes up to the vertical ones have been used for the main cabin of the Rodman Use 74 yacht. The series which has been the choice for wall tiling in this very important room is the Linkfloor Wet Technic 1L Dublin by L’Antic Colonial. This material is not only ideal because of its cosy sophisticated aesthetics, but also because of its quality, as well as its humidity and water resistant properties.

On the other hand, the Systempool mineral compactKRION® Solid Surface also plays a very important role in the main cabin. Thanks to its qualities, in other words, plasticity and backlighting ability. The PORCELANOSA Grupo acrylic stone has been the material that the student Alicia Sanz has opted for when giving shape to the avant-garde and elegant headboard, a backlit comb consisting of die-cut filigrees. It is from this piece where the rest of the structure making up the bed, rises up, since KRION® is a versatile as well as malleable material which turns out to be useful for the construction of any joint less furniture project. Butech and its decorative profile is also present in this unique room in the Rodman Muse 74. The chrome Pro-Part decorative profile has been included in the project with the aim of uniting the intersections between the natural wood of the cabin and the KRION® Solid Surface in the most aesthetically perfect way.

With regard to the living areas in the vessel, the concept of continuity has been kept thanks to the wall tiles and pieces of furniture which go along from the interior spaces up to the exterior ones. The main aim being to create homogeneous unified atmospheres. This way, and at the same time,  it is also worth highlighting KRION®, the state-of-the-art mineral compact, which is applied to the lattice, so that according to the position of the sun, shapes and frills may be projected into the inside of the yacht. A set of lights and shadows, which undoubtedly make this future Rodman Muse 74 project become a unique seafaring experience.

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