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Terraces at the ready with the technical porcelain from Urbatek

When it comes to the summer months, working in the garden on the terrace or in the patio area is at the top of many people’s list. As well as this, the moment arrives to prepare space for both adults and children alike in order for them to enjoy the warm and gentle temperatures outside.

Urbatek offers with its products both resistant and long-lasting solutions for paving areas in projects that cover leisure centres, hotel complexes, restaurants and coffee shops, sports areas, swimming pools and spas, without forgetting about one’s own home, communal areas residential buildings.

With the Independence of the surface dimensions, Urbatek’s technical porcelain floor tiles can be fitted to both the technical necessities and aesthetics in relation to large patio areas and limited outside spaces, which are like an extension of the rooms inside, offering an unbeatable resistance against the harsh changes regarding both the temperature and the weather, thus avoiding any type of breakage in the pavements that both expansion and contraction can cause.

However, one of the technical features that makes both architects and interior designers opt for Urbatek’s full bodied technical porcelain is the low level absorption that makes cleaning the material easier, and it prevents the most typical stains from appearing too. As well as this, the low sliding rate in the Nature finish collection guarantees the safety in spaces where technical porcelain is installed.

Beyond the personal techniques that endorse the quality of the high performance pavements from Urbatek, the company banks on a complete range of designs with diverse options with regard to colour, texture and format-45×90; 29, 7×59,6 cm; 59,6×59,6cm; 60, 3×60,3 cm; 29,6×119 cm- that can be fitted in any type of project in relation to style or dimension, even with solutions for raised access flooring. Like so, the 20mm collection can be installed along with Butech’s STE system in order to overcome uneven exterior surfaces, thus improving the aesthetic, the insulation and the drainage without the need for major work.

Discover everything about what the technical porcelain floor tile can do for your terrace and patio area in the new Urbatek catalogue, which can easily be downloaded through this link.

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