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Superior finishes on profiles, fastenings and handles on screens

A typical everyday space like the bathroom requires solutions but not only superior with regard to safety, but also in its design. The small details and the most innovative components emphasise the most outstanding designs, and because of this, Systempool complements its collections in shower screens with revolutionary finishes that make them a superior product, and at the same time both beautiful and safe.

Profiles for shower screens and baths with character

Amongst the available options, the aluminium shower profiles contribute with an aesthetic metallic finish which has a tremendous inalterability resistance.The firm from the PORCELANOSA Grupo  achieves, thanks to the quality control and an impeccable anodized process, that the aluminium doesn’t have the imperfections that can take away the elegance from the material, and in turn, it is resistant to corrosion in damp atmospheres, maintaining the brilliant shine for a lot more time.Systempool uses a unique type of aluminium alloy that makes it able to get the best shine possible on the metallic profiles by means of a process in which gets to increase its natural thickness with regard to the outside layer protecting the material and at the time achieving a superior mirror like shine.Neo y Yove are two from the screen series that are offered with a metallic aluminium profile.On the other hand, if creating a space where highlighting the beauty of wall tiles and shower taps installed is a must, the ideal solution is transparency. PVC or polycarbonate turn out to be two materials to bear in mind, since they allow the creation of minimalist spaces, and with no visual obstacles.

Polycarbonate profiles, such as the ones of Attica and Silke, are able to stress the transparency of the component to its maximum level, thus overcoming PVC in durability and resistance. An excellent alternative to aluminium.

Fastenings for shower screens

The avant-garde fittings for shower screens developed by Systempool, all of them in gloss chrome finish, have been designed and manufactured by PORCELANOSA Grupo under high demanding quality standards ensuring unbeatable responses to effort.

Wall brackets, hinges and turnbuckles in Systempool shower screens unite all guarantees by means of a minimalist elegant as well as solid design.

Handles and knobs

By taking multiple innovative shapes and designs, Systempool shower screen handles and knobs turn out to be the accessories which provide the bathroom design with aesthetic and functional strength.

Systempool makes use of glasses with a minimum thickness ranging from 6 to 8mm in order to ensure durability in its shower screens. Furthermore, with the aim of making the cleaning process easier, they are provided with the System-glass treatment, working by means of an invisible protective film, which despite its durability, is water-resistant, thus avoiding lime scale stains and maximising hygiene in the bathroom.

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