Декабрь 4, 2014 | Updated: Октябрь 18, 2018


Steel Extramicro by Butech: suspended ceiling design

The technical needs of architects and interior designers often make achieving attractive results difficult in projects such as commercial premises and franchises where, additionally, the design of the space must fulfil certain aesthetic requirements to adapt to the corporate image which shows the identity of a brand.

To provide a solution to this growing demand from architecture and interior design professionals, Butech has created Steel Extramicro, a model of detachable ceilings which can be adapted with ease to all types of establishment, also offering a practical and elegant solution for hiding lighting and air conditioning systems.

Another of the advantages of this technical solution by Butech is its excellent acoustic performance, achieved thanks to its advanced design. The sheets which form the suspended ceiling are made from electrogalvanised steel with a thickness of 0.5mm. With a perforation diameter of just 0.7mm and a 1% perforated surface, the Steel Extramicro suspended ceiling collection offers an excellent sound absorption and reduction.

Additionally, the technical characteristics of the Steel Extramicro ceilings by Butech lend it a practically continuous finish, as the structure is semi-hidden, with a join between sheets of just 6mm.

The Steel Extramicro collection is made in 60x60cm format and is available in Blanco (RAL 9010) and Acero (RAL 9006) finishes, although Butech offers the possibility of extending the range of colours to adapt to the needs of special projects.

The elegant finish of this collection of suspended ceilings by Butech can be appreciated in the renovation Project of the branches of an important banking entity, whose leaders found the technical and decorative solution which they had been searching for in the Steel Extramicro Blanco suspended ceilings.

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