Май 13, 2014 | Updated: Октябрь 18, 2018


Porcelanosa White & Textures

White is back, stronger than ever before, marking the latest international architecture and interior design trends. White enhances the brightness of all types of spaces and outdoor settings, making them feel bigger.

Porcelanosa, being aware of the timeless and aesthetic effect of this colour, has prepared a new catalogue compiling successful smooth and textured ceramic coverings, with one common denominator: the colour white.

The warm and soft touch of Oxo, the intense radiance of Marmi surfaces, the pearly nuances of Seúl, and the marble finishes in the Carrara collection serve as a ceramic base, on which Porcelanosa configures different variations, using floral reliefs or geometric shape patterns.

Order and symmetry define the ceramic coverings decorated with the Line and Mosaic reliefs which contrast with the relaxing undulations of the Creta, London and Qatar designs. The geometry of Scala achieves a surface which looks like it is formed by ceramic scales, just like a beehive.

Artistic and different effects were achieved by Porcelanosa by means of printed reliefs with organic patterns like the Garden leaves design originally proposed by Deco, or the intricate Hannover designs.

These textures and reliefs fill the most exclusive spaces with personality whilst maintaining a white colour scheme.

Access the White & Textures catalogue and learn about all the design possibilities that Porcelanosa proposes in its absolute white collections.

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