Сентябрь 25, 2015 | Updated: Октябрь 19, 2018


Проекты PORCELANOSA Grupo: The Filaments, a sophisticated apartment building in the UK

Just a few minutes away from the centre of the newly renovated Wandsworth, in the United Kingdom, we can find The Filaments, a sophisticated 17 floor apartment building, which has been fitted out with materials from the PORCELANOSA Grupo for the wall tiling of its ceramic façades.The building systems and the most advanced technologies from Butech have been made use of on and around the building in order to get both tremendous durability and unbeatable resistance with regard to the work on the front of the building, thanks to the use of STON-KER EXTREME white porcelain tile in the covering of the outside of the building.This ceramic stone from PORCELANOSA firm is ideal for the outside facing, now that it is able to main its unalterable nature with regard to the passing of time, even in the most extreme of conditions. In order to carry out facing Project, designed by Dane Architectural Systems, PORCELANOSA Grupo supplied the meshed sheets by STON-KER, like so, they are cut to size according to the modulation that is carried out by the very same architect that is heading up the project.The Filaments, managed by the specialist property developer company, Mount Avil, is an apartment complex project full of modern day style and contemporarily made up of five state-of-the-art apartment buildings. AS well as the 350 apartments, there are commercial premises, offices, and beautifully landscaped gardens too, where one can live a life full of comfort, with the city of London just a stone’s throw away.

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