Сентябрь 4, 2015 | Updated: Январь 25, 2019


Проекты PORCELANOSA Grupo: Boston Private Industry Council

The decorative options Krion® Solid Surface offers in the interior design and architecture projects turn out to be practically incomparable with any other material. Among its applications it is worth highlighting its use in offices and work centres.

PORCELANOSA Grupo  solid surface, in the Snow White colour version, has great attributes with regard to backlighting depending on its thickness, a feature achieved by a milling operation in low relief which makes the creation of a sets of lights with different intensity possible when applied on the wall tiles.

Boston Private Industry Council is a non-profit organisation located in Boston, which has the aim of connecting public schools, higher education centres, business, as well as governmental organisations. It has recently refurbished its head offices by making use of the creative possibilities of Krion® in its reception. The project has been run by the architect Spalding Tougias and carried out by Sterling Surfaces transformers.

The architecture studio has managed to take advantage of the creative freedom and mineral purity by applying lots of the options the material offers for the reproducing of the corporate identity and its trademark, such as backlighting, colour combination, and its jointless installation. A new look aiming at providing Boston’s future professionals with projection.

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