Октябрь 10, 2014 | Updated: Октябрь 18, 2018


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Restaurante 1741, Strasbourg (France)

Between the streets of its historic quarter, the centre of Strasbourg hides a historic building, converted into a gourmet restaurant known for its avant-garde cooking and the eclectic design of its rooms. This was one of the noble houses of the Quai captains, which now contains Restaurante 1741, one of the best in the French city. Location is another of the advantages of the building, located facing the Rohan Palace and very close to the cathedral, one of the jewels of the city.On one of the four floors of the building, which offers fantastic views of the historic quarter of Strasbourg, we find L’espace Cuisine (the kitchen space). This contemporary style dining room breaks with the prevailing rococo style of the rest of the floors with a contrasting design based on the use of black and white.Notable for high tables made from Krion® and stools upholstered in leather, in this room haute cuisine dishes can be tasted at the same time as enjoying the preparation process, thanks to an open design. Various borders of the solid surface by PORCELANOSA Group zig-zag through the room, shaping the tables and descending to the ground to open into passageways and raise up again to shape new tables.Following the same aesthetic, the bar has also been made from Krion® white, with the Restaurante 1741 logo backlit, achieving an elegant, subtle effect for the true heart of the building, which also offers a hygienic guarantee thanks to the antibacterial, additive free quality of the compact mineral by PORCELANOSA Group.Finally, on the lower floor of the building, in an old wine cellar which conserves its attractive vaulted ceilings, Krion® has been used to shape the washbasin countertops, achieving a distinguished fusion of styles.Architects: Marie-Carmen MARTIN and Stéphane VONAU, M2V3 Architectes, Strasbourg, France.

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